Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Like Thursday #125

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Thursday snuck up on me this time!

The picture is from the "Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Art Fest" show we went to last weekend. I loved it... the art was terrific quality, there were performers singing and dancing, there was food, there was a full size teepee, birds of prey, and lots of interesting people.
shall I share a few a artists I liked? I interviewed at least 5 on their process but won't go into much detail here, I'm just getting back to interviews.
I really admired the beading artistry of Laurey Gilbert. She is quite spiritual, and her booth was very popular. Look at the Frida necklace...

Rich in texture, and different beads...

While I chatted with the artist, someone picked out a long ring that covered, comfortably, nearly the length of her finger. What a statement piece!

I asked how she approached a new piece, and she showed this tray, where she lays out components, and beads she wants to weave around them, and then the artistry starts.

so you can see the texture and scope of the pieces!

Take a look at Herminio's work. He was also selling a lot while I was there. Simply amazing beadwork over paper mache forms

 I admired the spiritual aspect to Karen Surbeck's sculptures and we talked about her approach then morphed into talking about ancestry...

 she and her partner had the DNA test and found relatives from it! And learned a lot of family history, surprising Karen that she was nearly all Irish, not Native American!

I wanted this leather notebook cover but the price was higher than I was prepared for...

Hidemasters of Colorado Website: Link Here!
 This maker represented his tribe and told me about the drums he makes...
I had a great time talking to the volunteers at the bird display... this was the most beautiful rough legged hawk, with an injured wing so he could not fly. He was alert and when he lifted his wings you could see heart shaped feathers. 
There were eagles, even a bald eagle, and a gorgeous Barn Owl
who wanted to sleep,. but was just irritated with all the people I suspect. She had the most lovely eyes, and that white face... I was taking shots without flash so when she lifted her wings the image blurred... but I like it a lot anyway!
toward the end of the show I had to return to the bird booth, and got to see a kestral. Very pretty, but shy and tired of people by then. The volunteers were all so kind to us, answering questions. The birds were put in the back when the handlers felt they were getting tired and others brought out.

this is an inlaid wooden cutting board... All of his work reminded me of modern quilts. He had a beautiful esthetic... varied shades and subtle, but intricately done. Expensive...
How about this ring, for a modern quilt design? DH bought it for me! There is a sun etched in one side for "a new day" and raincloud for prosperity. Coral, shell, turquoise, onyx, opal placed as I might in a quilt! It's raised slightly in the center, standing for mountains.
Silver is the 25th anniversary gift... now I need to find one for my dh.

I never found a nametag for this artist... and he was always busy painting and talking to customers, but I was struck by the composition.

We didn't like the performances much but they were very accessible as you could get close to the stage. We didn't try the "Indian" food but it looked really good. We did have some cheese curds and tried some perogies that we ended up buying for the freezer. One was flavored with Chili Relenos and the other was Italian.  The vendor puts them in recloseable bags, so we can heat up and sear just enough for a side dish for dinners.
All in all, it was a really fine afternoon of likes.

Mostly it was nice to laugh and talk to other artists, and interview them about their process and inspirations. And seeing beauty was a good thing.

It's been an icy mess around here, but I've been sewing a lot on my cattail in snow piece.
It's grown since I took this picture. I love piecing the little bits, and seeing them go together with gentle curves. I pin that picture to the design wall, look at scraps, go sew some together, and it's all coming together like a puzzle.
Piece by piece.

I've been writing, talking to friends, reading the latest Tea Shop mystery, looking through a lot of library books, sewed my RSC blocks (post to come tomorrow) and coping with all the irritating weather. (too much ice to let me walk) Watching Doc Martin and Victoria back on PBS. Watching my other returning shows like This is Us, and New Amsterdam, and all things BRAVO. Project Runway All stars is back on Lifetime. I've been listening to the Tiny Desk Concerts on Youtube.

Milo's Moments
Howdy, pardners! Milo here. I like running through all the snow we get, and keeping track of my new toy... being careful to watch after it.
I wrote a post about liking socks, well, wanting my own sock drawer on Tuesday... please go read it and tell me I'm right. Vote for me to have my own socks!
the link is: playing-sock-game

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  1. the leather notebook caught my attention immediately furst... it is beautiful and without having it in my hands I can "feel" the touch of real leather somehow...

  2. Gosh just love Laurey's work--beautiful!! and your cattails are amazing--this will be a beautiful piece...hugs, Julierose

  3. You two really know how to check out the area and enjoy yourselves!
    What a great ring!
    That cattail piece is looking great! Keep it up!

  4. Sounded fascinating to see those birds of prey. I'm looking forward to seeing more about your cattail piece - it looks so interesting! Your post about Milo and the socks was a fun read, too. Happy Thursday!

  5. Stunning, creative and unique! I believe our Creator made us to create! It's in our DNA. These artists are a testament to that. And so are you! That leather cover is gorgeous. Sorry Milo, I can't advocate for you to have a sock drawer. Cabo is not allowed to take socks! :-)

  6. That is a really cool ring from hubby. The Frida necklace is just stunning. All those artists are just so talented! Thanks so much for sharing your trips. BTW- I can see you making that leather cover. Just sayin. mary

  7. Oh wow! I love the Frida necklace- I love big necklaces in general but don't have much success wearing them, but Herminio Ramirez-Diaz's work is just amazing! I'm off to look him up!

  8. Must have been a large festival. I love getting close to those raptors, and have released a few that were rehabbed.

  9. I would LOVE to visit the Indian Market. I have a collection of Bell Trading Post/Old Pawn bracelets. I adore Native American Jewelry and silver work. Thanks for linking up today.

  10. Wowza, wow wow wow. That was a cool show you went to. I would've been most enamored with the leather notebook, the ring, and the beaded paper mache animals. I like how the first artist gathers her materials to let them speak to her on how they want to be wedded. Love it!
    With Milo's coloring I can see how he would show off his socks quite well.

  11. Interesting. Do you find Frida is popping up a lot lately? I read a book about her many decades ago and no one around me had heard of her at the time. I was taken by the fact she was the first artist that let her painting trail over and out of the frame. I digress. So many wonderful artists...what inspiration. You seem to be having a very happy, creative time which is wonderful to read about.

  12. Oh wow the art you showed. Love the paintings, but the jewelry, the beaded paper still my heart! Don't feel bad I am not really thrilled with the really cold, icy weather either.

  13. What a great event! Your picture of the owl is amazing. Loved the jewelry too.

  14. Oh no. Milo is always a little ahead of Scout, SOCKS!!!! I was just thinking how good she is about leaving our stuff alone. I'm probably jinxed now. That arts fest look great and those birds look beautiful, wonderful photos!

  15. LOVED the bead work of Herminio's. Saw loads of that kind of work in PV, it's so colorful and beautiful. Sorry Milo, I gotta vote no on the sock drawer. Socks are for feet, not tummies.

  16. Herminio's bead works have to be my favorites of the lot along with those paintings.. and i am totally not afraid of color too.

  17. Those beaded animals are impressive. Pretty raptors. Drums! I'd want to thump all of them to listen to the tones.

  18. Hello, the art fest looks like a fun time, they had some beautiful pieces of art and crafts. The bird show is great too, I love the Barn owl. Milo is always cute. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  19. Hello. Interesting post and photos. Thank you.

  20. Yes, interesting, indeed. I often get chatting with venders, for info for my blogpost, which brings me out of my comfort zone!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  21. This is ONE AMAZING POST!! I have many Southwestern necklaces & ring. And have always been interested in Native American art & culture.

    Enjoyed the wild birds.

    Thanks so much for joining us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin this week