Sunday, January 6, 2019

sunday stories

 sunday's stories continue.... the prompt is from Sunday's Whirligig again:

decorate, plain, ring, long, silence, glass, little, tea, house, chimes, heat, warm

Decorating a house

"Okay, I'm here finally. Had to put the roast in the oven for dinner!"
"Great Mama, let's get started!" said Meliss, " the house really is so plain! Don't you think we need to decorate it somehow? We don't have a lot of money but I'll have this house a long time and want it to look happy!"
"Of course darling girl!" said Mama, "let's start with the little hall here"
They looked around, and down at the floor, to the ceiling.
"Or we could start with the bedroom! Lots of possibilities there!" said Meliss

After looking at the small bedroom, with it's plain white walls and brown rug, dirty glass in the small windows, they both fell silent again.
"maybe a soft blue for the walls?" asked Mama
"I guess... but I thought maybe pink?" said the daughter  "And the bathroom has some pink in it already, the tub and the sink"

Mama thought, she's always liked pink. Not mama's fave color. She took a sip of her tea while she waited to answer. Then she heard the little chimes on the antique clock. It was 4 already. The tea felt warm in the teacup, and she needed the heat as it was getting colder in the house as the sun went down.

"Mama? Are you paying attention?" Meliss asked. "I said, how about a little rug with pink flowers next to the bed, and some flowered curtains too?"
"that would be perfect!" Mama said.
Then she heard the timer ringing down in the kitchen.
"Honey I need to take out the roast, we've been playing for a long time!"as she stood and walked out of the room.

Meliss just looked at her little house, with all the rooms open on this side, waiting for her dolls to move in. She was so excited that she had a house of her own to decorate! Just like I'm the Mama she thought! She slowly stood up, and reached for her doll, smoothing out it's hair before trying to follow Mama. She loved the times she and Mama spent together, and loved the house Mama got her,  and hoped one day she'd have a big house of her own, and a  little girl too.


  1. Surprise ending! I had no idea that all this planning and preparation was directed toward a dollhouse. Nicely done!

  2. Sweet story. A memory of mama's time and attention every little girl would love to remember.

    1. totally fictional! Wouldn't have happened in my childhood. Writing a story like this almost makes me feel like it was my memory though.

  3. Awwwww. A very sweet story, LeeAnna. Your stories remind me of O.Henry and his punch of a surprise ending. A Joyful 2019 to you. :-)