Monday, January 7, 2019

The week ahead

missing my home in Maryland
Looking out on the morning rays....
I love quiet mornings with Dad, quiet til I alert my peeps there are people on the sidewalk!
welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker post... let's get started on the week ahead shall we?

Looking around the house...
it seems dusty. We cleaned the floors yesterday but it's a bigger house than we had before. Table tops are full of books and magazines, bags of purchases from the weekend are in a chair reminding me to maintain order takes effort.

The weather in Aurora
The snow is still here from last week, but the temps have been much warmer. It's been nice to walk around without teeth chattering. The weather changes all day here, I'm not used to that. Wake to clear blue skies, then by 10 it's solid cloud cover, by 4 it could be up to 50.

Well! We went to Panera Bread for a late lunch of broccoli soup Sat. and got bagels, so bagels it is! Not the breakfast of champions but I'm allergic to lots of foods, and can eat these. We also love strong French coffee, now mixed half caf/half de-caf, with cream. I look forward to the first cup each day.

To do
Hahahaha, go ahead make your plans!
 And the list goes on... and the list is long...
Milo has another ear infection, and the vet already sent out a reminder he needs a booster so I guess I have to call them. We ALL hate going to the vet. We ALL feel pushed around by them. I miss my vet in MD.
This car is TOOOOO small!
 I want to spend lots of time in studio but have a scheduled PT appt which always causes me a lot of pain after. And instability of joints, so I must be really quiet for a few days.

 Anyway, I really need to focus on the Art Quilt group's book so I'll try to read it. You know how you want to read the selection and to fit in, but sometimes don't like it as well as the others do? That's how I feel about this book.

to do... go through my messy purse and clear it out!

to do, make stuff, see the craft category

To do... many many things need doing but might not get done because I am coping with a contrary body. So I'm frustrated.
I started putting away the Christmas things, but will keep out the new battery lights and garland on the mantle for now.

battery lights that come on automatically
The tree will stay up for now, because it brings me joy. Maybe I need something tall and green in that corner... a palm tree, or ficus, or maybe something fake so it doesn't dry out here.

I had a really long to do list yesterday because DH was home to help me lift things.

I'm reading a mystery by an Annapolis writer, and love the references to places I used to go. Marcia Talley, A quiet death.
DH got me two magazine subscriptions for Christmas, so I'd like to look at the current ones.

Exciting! I am enjoying, the new series with Marie Kondo on sorting and tidying ones possessions.
You know how possessions take control of you if you aren't strong? She is gentle, not about getting rid of things but about only keeping what makes you happy.
It made me write a post for later in the week. I learned so much by having to sort before moving...
Anyway, she's on Netflix and I love the families she works with, and the approach.
By the way I couldn't read her book... it made me cross, but on tv she is wonderful.

Sadly we finished up some of our fave series this week on ACORN. I went on a hunt for new series to watch so it will be okay.
We watched several episodes of the Australian series "the Moodys" which is hilarious! It is wild and funny about a wackadoodle family's Christmas each year. What a romp! I can't wait to see what outlandish things happen next.
I am also enjoying the shows, Time Team (digging around England) and Lords and Ladles (Irish chefs recreating manor house meals from 1800)

I cannot believe Hallmark is still showing Christmas movies... they need to call it Christmas year round! Enough!
I'm watching my purchased class online thru Craftsy just in case it goes away. Oh sure, the new owners, NBC (blueprint) SAY my purchase will be there as promised but greed takes over these days, and promises are thrown out, and businesses shrug their collective shoulders and say, "sorry not sorry"
My class is on painting on fabric. I'm a long time watercolor painter, but this technique uses medium instead of water so I want to try it. I bought the medium this weekend...
New stencil... blowing dandelions and thinking of wishes!
I decided to pack away the Christmas bargello til next year. Kind of like starter bread, it will sit and wait for me to work on it next season. (Hallmark are you listening?) I am tired of it, and want it off the design wall so I can make the abstract snow/cattails piece in my mind.
I also want to use the stencil I just got at Michaels  to make a portable block keeper.

I want to do the rainbow scrap challenge again this year. A color is announced each month, and we make our own creations using those colored scraps. This month is red, so I began thinking of a design for this year's Valentine quilt. I make one each year since we've been married, 24 so far.

So exciting to have lots of projects to make!

remember... injuries pile up. Bodies can heal but they always remember the injury. Most of us have something to cope with, that others can't see. Things that wear us down that are not apparent from the outside. We need to be understanding to people, as it's not obvious what they are dealing with.

We may be far away from friends, in fact most of my friends are in other states, but they are close in our hearts and a phone call away. Still there, still loving us, still our friends.
As it turned out, I got to talk to several of them last week, and it was pure joy.

I also mentioned wanting to chat to some of you I have only known through this medium... and one person contacted me and it was so much fun, meeting on phones and finding another person I really like! A friend! Like online dating! It is exciting to know I have a new friend out there, one who gets me without effort!

Inspiration this week

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  1. our car is toooo small too Milow... let's go together to a good car dealer (if they eggs-ist) and maybe we can get a bigger ride ;O)

  2. Oh Milo ~ you are sooo precious ~ do hope you and Mum are well soon ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Hope you and Milo feel better soon.
    I am a Christmas lover and dvrd most of Hallmark Christmas movies, but I will admit.. there are too many ... well it's more a matter of being all alike! It's the 1st year we get all Hallmark movies here so I went overboard. but next year I will dvr only a few, it would be nice if they had some original movies... not always the same line

  4. Oh the vet. Our Little Bit loved the vet. There was a resident cat there that she loved to stare down. It's a fond memory. I hope your vet visit goes well, Milo.

    Now I want soup from Panera.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  5. OMG - love that blowing dandelion stencil. It brought me an immediate childhood memory of standing in the yard making wishes on them. I'm going to do the RSC again this year too, but haven't made any blocks yet. Poor Milo - hope his ear clears up. One of the "grand-dogs" has chronic ear infections.

  6. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love the last quote!

  7. Love the horse picture!

    I have a Marie Kondo book on my shelf that I keep meaning to read, I should just take the plunge :D

    I enjoyed my visit here. Have a lovely week!

  8. I binged watch the Marie Kondo on Netflix... makes me want to purge! Have a great week!

  9. Don't you love pink flamingos, they say so much while saying so little. That is the classic laughing horse photo, oh man you should frame that sucker, it's wonderful.
    How many Christmas movies do you think Hallmark has, 100? A million? Some kind of magical endless loop they show in a sub basement in hell? I think that was an episode of Night Gallery with Gomez Adams.
    We had two days of actual snow but of course it's all puddles and clumps again. It reminds me of Colorado weather a bit but it's got to be a huge shift coming from New England.
    I'm glad you've talked to friends and made new ones, that's always a good thing. Unless you're a misanthrope like me that is. I've rewatched the Defenders with a bit of Iron Fist Two and the second series of Luke Cage if that tells you where I'm at.

  10. I read Marie's book a couple of years ago. I'd like to see the show. Thanks for the heads up. I'm having trouble with murder mysteries these days but am enjoying some histories and rereading Helen MacInnes (spy novels) and DE Stevenson.
    Hopefully you and Milo are much better now.

  11. I LOVe the horse picture and caption! Reminds me of the old saying, "man plans, God laughs". Cute quote too. The rainbow scrap challenge sounds interesting. Have a GREAT week.

  12. I'm glad you're getting back to RSC. It's always fun to see what you come up with and I can't wait to see this year's Valentine's Quilt. Sorry Milo has an ear infection and needs to go to the vet. We don't have Netflix, but I laughed hysterically at some of Marie Kondo's ideas in her book. Just not my style I guess. I am starting to clear out stuff, but not by her rules. It's raining here right now and will be in the upper 40's tomorrow, then back to the deep freeze. Very up and down this winter.

  13. The garland with the lights is so very pretty, I would keep it up for a long time. In fact, I wonder where I could get one... (No mantle; mu fireplace is ugly straight brick, but I could put hooks up and use a garland as a swag). It's nice to see you keeping it. I was distressed to see people dismantling their trees two or three days after Christmas. What!?

    Aargh! on the Hallmark movies! I think you mentioned them before, and I was going to comment then that I was looking for something on Hallmark in October(?), but it had been bumped by their "Too Many Days of Christmas" movies. It really makes the whole thing not-special. pffft

  14. Oh, jealous of you getting to go to Panera! One of my favorite places. Funny because I work very close to one but hardly ever go there (not sure why..well, too busy at lunch). I think your fireplace garland looks winter not Chirstmas so leave it :) Not sure on that Christmas tree staying ;) Funny I had the same reaction to Marie Kondo when reading her companion book, going to try her original book now and see if I like it better trying to hear her voice in the writing. Hope you have a super happy week!

  15. Craftsy is a great company (originated in Denver). I purchased a class and it was there months later. Have been reading a local author, Diane Mott Davidson (she lives in Evergreen) and is the author of the Goldilock's mysteries. It's always fun reading about local places, even when they're somewhat disguised. Plotline: a caterer who solves mysteries (with incredible recipes!).

  16. Our weather has been unseasonably warm the past week but that's coming to an end tomorrow. Snow expected on Friday/Saturday. Guess it's about time. I noticed Cabo has a reddish ear too. Will clean it good and see if it calms down. These doodle ear....crazy!! I just finished John Grisham's latest book, The Reckoning. I didn't think it was one of his better novels, but he's always a good read for me. Ahhhh....Panera! I love sitting in there with a hot cuppa and some soup. Comfort food. I'm interested in getting into the essential oils this year. There's so much to learn! I know the pure, therapeutic ones are pricey, but it might be worth it to not have to turn to chemically-added products for ailments. I like the idea of using oils instead. We'll see. Hope your 2019 has started out enjoyably.

  17. Kindred spirit, per Anne of Green Gable, is how I've often thought of instant connections, regardless of whether we connect for a few minutes, several days, or forever. Life is grand, LA. :-)