Monday, January 21, 2019

The week ahead

Welcome to this week's happy homemaker post.
It's Monday again, and I'm not sure how that happened...

The weather
we have snow on the ground from a week ago, becoming an iceberg. People told us before we moved here that it's dry! Snow disappears without need for plows! No! Nope! Lies all around. Nope it piles up, the sun melts the top, it turns quickly to ice and bingo, with my slippery vertebra I am stuck in the house. Grrr. Anyway another round is due starting with rain, (more ice) then snow tonight. Yea!

I had a very difficult weekend as the Poodle son darted through my legs as if they were mere grass stalks to catch a running squirrel, and left me with a slipped sacrum. Didn't do much and couldn't sit to write this post.
It's a new day, I'm sitting, I'm typing. I am drinking coffee, looking out into a sunny snow covered back yard, the poodle is lying at the slider looking out at the same yard, holding his new ring toy. I have some leftover scrambled egg whites with cheese as I look at a googled image of a heart quilt I might make for V-day.

decide whether to beg for an appt with chiro, as treatment leaves me unstable in more pain for week.
How did the kitchen towels form a mountain???
sort through things that have piled up in the family room the last week
Maybe write a post on the trip to the Indian and Southwest Art Fest, the book post on lots of checked out books to read, the latest quilting post since it's taking up a lot of creative time lately
Cleaning will have to take a back seat to letting my back settle down
Worry less, meditate more, chat with friends via phone
After hearing another story this weekend about two women doing the ancestry dna test and finding relatives, I want to finally send in my test. If I could find anyone related, it would do my spirit good to feel connected. I am adopted and the family was not nurturing, and now they are rejecting so... well, hope springs eternal. I was told my birth mother's name was Barbara Ann Wagner, 1st gen American from German parents. My birth father's name was Earl Cerrone (spelling may be different) 1st gen American from Italian parents.

People say family is everything... well I sure hope that is not the case...
Tips and tricks
Now that I'm using creams and potions to cope with dry skin, I do not like the feeling of cream under my fingernails from dipping fingers in little pots (the skin under my nails is the only area not dry at the moment!) I found this little scooper from testing a cream in a store, so I just love scooping out a tiny spatula of cream to use. I'm sure a friendly clerk will give you one or two to take home after you test something at a counter.
What is it with miniature things? I love them! And finding the right tool for a job!

As I said, I want to write a post for tomorrow on the lot of books I found during my last library visit.
At night, I've moved on to the latest in my tea house series by Laura Childs.
I'm enjoying the books I found at the library too. Review of those tomorrow

Doc Martin returned to PBS! Nobody told me! I found it one night, so we're enjoying the latest episodes. Also, Project Runway all stars started, missed the first episode, so have to go find it on HULU.
Watching Marie Kondo show on Netflix, and the Bachelor on ABC, This is Us is back, and New Amsterdam. I am watching Victorian Farm Christmas on youtube... the three historians who went back to live as 1830's folk on an English farm, are back to show how to celebrate Christmas in those days. things like how make candies, how to make a paper and wool quilt, etc. Also on ACORN is Lords and Ladles, 3 chefs recreating manor house meals in Ireland castles. Victoria returned, yea!
Amazing race should start soon, as does Good Witch.
And the live presentation of RENT is this week

I should be working on this year's Valentine quilt and might have a plan, but I am obsessed with my art quilt of cattails in snow. Every time I have a minute, I go into the piles of tiny scraps, and sew a seam, seeing the fabric picture grow. It's abstract so I am concerned with color and line primarily.
After the whole background is formed, I'll put it on the design wall, and decide where to applique the cattail bodies. Icing on the cake! Then the quilting will happen, creating texture and more line within the piece.

I liked a block a fellow blogger developed and shared a month ago... I made 8 little red and white blocks to go in a yearlong color study for the rainbow scrap challenge. I love using my little random scraps to form new fabric.

  Milo's Week Ahead...

I plan to keep track of this new toy... I accidentally destroyed the yellow skin on the old one, heh heh but this one showed up in Mama's hand the other day, so I am keeping a close eye on it. I carry it from room to room, I don't leave it outside in the  weather like I did with the last one, I want to take it for walks but the peeps make me leave it so I can hardly go for walks!

 What if something happens to it? Mama says it will be okay...all I know is I am gonna do what I can to protect it.
Oh and to-do.... play with some friends, eat more food than snow, and nap when I'm tired.

keep on trying...
 I changed my settings to be more secure, and so far it's cut out some unwanted guests to the blog.
I went to Settings, changed to https

Let's just see how this week goes... sometimes life is like that... just keep going...

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  1. yes...why laundry always ends in a mountain?...probably a smart trick of the dtergent companies ;O)))

  2. Oh the laundry. Not my favorite thing to do, but do it nonetheless. A mountain is right.

    Milo is adorable. I'd love to love on him for a bit.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. Hope you feel better. Sounds like you should take some time to settle in with your books or TV shows and just relax this week. I have some German heritage, I'll gladly be your long-lost cousin if you need. Some humor for you: My oldest son heard the promo for Rent on TV and said, "hey, that songs from The Office" LOL, um no it was from a musical first. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Doing chandelier beads, too! Just found Doc Martin, as well.

  5. Love that string heart--such pretty colors...take care--i will be thinking of you when i ice my back today..hugs, Julierose

  6. I changed to the https as well -- here's to all of us doing what we can!

  7. Ugh...laundry. I don't mind washing it and putting it in the dryer. I just dread folding it and putting it away.

  8. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love your quilting projects and ideas. So pretty! I like miniatures, too, and agree that there's just something about them! Have a blessed week ahead! <3

  9. I, too, love miniature things. I am going to look for a little spatula of my own the next time I am near a chemist :-)

    Have a great week.

  10. Oh, darn it! I've missed the first two Doc Martin episodes! I don't have any streaming services to catch them, and our PBS station seems to run them ONCE. Thank you for the alert to the rest!

    Best wishes on finding family. German/Italian is an interesting combination! But with first-generation parents, I wonder how many relatives you will find here.

  11. Milo, did you catch that squirrel? That's what I was always told about CO and the only time I visited was in the summer. I hope you get that appointment, that sounds painful and back pain can leave you so helpless. Don't float away on that iceberg. I'm afraid we're going to get more "weather" to officially seal the deal.

  12. I love catching up with you. Thanks for updating your blog to https. I'm glad it's working as well for you as it is for me.

  13. Sure hope you're feeling better. I really enjoyed reading your post today. I remember when we lived in the U.P. and had 5-6 months a year of layered snow and ice - I really feel for you and hope you have an early spring. Have a GREAT week.

  14. LA - your back may be bothering you, but you still seem to have more on the go than the average person!!! You go girl!

  15. Wow-so many cool things don't know where to start! Congrats and thank you for securing your blog! I say you need to stay inside and create till your back heals. Hopefully your difficult weather will change soon. I can say tho- you are accomplishing a lot! Be careful and have fun too. mary

  16. Arghhh!! I started a reply last night and accidentally hit some key on my Chromebook that erased the whole thing. I gave up and went to bed. Anyway, we are now in Spring, TX where it's been pretty cool, but still warmer than home where it was 1 degree yesterday morning with 18" of new snow. I'm looking forward to seeing this year's Valentine project. I brought cut pieces to work on the chandelier blocks and I'm also trying to finish up RSC blocks for Chantal's pinwheels which I started probably three years ago. I figure it's time to finish it up. Take care of your back. You don't need any more injuries.

  17. Hope you're feeling better :) This crazy weather is just never ending, sure hope it warms up for you.

    Have a wonderful week :)

  18. Thanks for updating your security settings. Since the EU security requirement, many Blogger sites are not secure but I can change the address by adding the https when I want to make a comment. It truly is the little things that make life better.
    P.S. Those sample sticks are readily available online. I use them all the time with Arbonne, spreading ink on stamp pads, candlemaking...the list goes on. Such a terrific and versatile tool. Stay warm and feel better soon.

  19. Oh, back issues are terrible. I had back surgery in 2005 after a herniated disc ruptured. I've done genealogy searches on ancestry but have never mailed in my DNA. My sister did and her results aligned with what I had found online. Are you going to pursue finding your parents? It's too cold outside for my tastes right now. Love looking at the snow.....from inside a warm home! I also love Milo's red sweater! So dashing! Cabo and I spend an hour or so in the emergency vet office Sunday night when he broke off a chunk of nylabone and ate it. Vet tried to get him to throw it up, but no luck. We're waiting and hoping it passes without complication.

    I've tried to email you a couple of time, but am not sure my messages are getting through to your inbox. Would you let me know if you've received them? I'd love to correspond offline.

  20. I hope your back is starting to feel better, Milo should know better than to dart between your legs! We are getting rain and ice here in Iowa today so I know how you feel about the weather.

  21. Scraps forming new fabric, I've never thought it that way. I like it. I'm into experimenting at the moment. Paints, fabric scraps, plants. What if I did this? What if this went here? What if I mixed this? I love that feeling of letting go, no brakes, just do, and when I come out of whatever that all was, I have a wonderful buzz of satisfaction.
    I like miniature things too. They're simply cute and darling and tiny. Ha, there may be a correlation to holding onto fabric scraps. Oh well, that's life. :-) Hope you're feeling better.

  22. Sorry I'm late making the rounds. Hope you feel better and that the dna testing will be positive. I might do that at some point. Great music, listening to it while typing here.

  23. I hope you are feeling better now! And that quilt heart is fantastic!