Monday, September 4, 2017

Milo's Meanderings Concert at the lake

(Note: This post was written before Milo's surgery) 

We three walked around the lake in Columbia while on a recent hotel time. I loved seeing the ducks swim across the cloud reflections in this shot. With the diagonal line created by the pier, late afternoon sun shadows, and story the image tells.
I Love reflection shots, don't you? It is not easy to paint, draw, or sew such reflections and capture the essence your eyes can see.
Along the path I spied the color yellow amid the gray rocks..

 anded the leash to Drew and looked closer
Someone left a painted stone with the others... a little gift for me to see!!!
then doggone if the picture I got of the band didn't capture the sun too! Here comes the sun!

Milo enjoyed the concert too, please enjoy the video. It's 3 minutes long, and eventually I pan around in a circle to show the tiers of grass for people to rest while listening, children dancing, dogs playing, Milo in Dad's arms, and the cutest little dog being held like a baby, very content.
(link to youtube is

The town of Columbia has many concerts, free for citizens to enjoy on the week nights in summer.
Civilized isn't it?

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  1. What a beautiful setting! So relaxing and pretty. Enjoy your day. mary in Az

  2. What a lovely concert. Loved seeing Milo trying to wiggle away and get to mama. 🐩

  3. I loved the yellow rock! What a lovely surprise!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time! Did you pick up the yellow stone or leave it for someone else to find?

    1. oh definitely left it! Share the happiness!

  5. Did Milo go swimming in the lake? I bet Milo is a great swimmer. Mew Mew. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews