Monday, September 25, 2017

Milo's Mischief Uh Oh, there seems to have been an accident...

Uh Oh, there seems to have been an accident. Milo has been enjoying his toys in a very destructive way since his own unfortunate Accident. He is 5-6 weeks into a 4 month recovery, and tired of being good.

VERY tired...

 Milo here to explain
"sorry about the toys, but I am doing my best to not run, jump and play, so something has to go. 
This dinosaur bought the farm one night. So did the monkey that squeals. 
I won't discuss my bed... Mama seems to get upset and take a needle and thread to it a lot.
those two arms were toooooo tempting and easy to rip
Lucky for them, Mama is an expert repair artist!
She took to her sewing machine...

 How are you, buddy?
 Doing okay?
I mean he had NO anesthsia ! 

Hooray! Mama fixed them both! The monkey is squealing about his "big amputation and reattachment" and the dinosaur is coping with a new seam line but it all seems to be okay again! 

Time to tear them limb from limb... gotta go! 


  1. Oh no the disembowelment of fluff all over the house. LOL Luckily mom knows how to sew.

  2. I'm rather impressed with his tenacity and strength!

  3. Oh, boy, thank goodness you can repair them! Obviously they're well loved. I hope he's chewing up only his toys and nothing of yours.

  4. Oh my - continuous puppy mischief! Good thing you can fix them to play with another day. Must be a puppy thing, because my daughter's bulldog did the same thing to every stuffed toy he had until he was a bit more mature. At about 2 years old he quit tearing them apart.

  5. Lucky your mom is such a good surgeon!

  6. Aww! Stuffy surgery day... I remember those days!

  7. I have the battle of the old man's toy (baby) versus the baby's baby going on here. The baby stoled the old man's "baby" and put holes in it, then threw it in her kiddie pool. It was thoroughly drowned. Then the old man took the baby's baby and hid it from her. He was kind and didn't tear it up or drown it. We shall see, I believe this is going to be an ongoing saga!

  8. What a good mom you have there, Milo! Mom gave up trying to repair Bessie's babies. She destuffs them all too often! That's why I keep my toys way up high! I hope you're healing nicely! Bessie says "Woof Woof" hellos BTW. Mew Mew! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  9. Sweet baby Milo...your 'cousin' Elsa has found anything with arms or protrusions of any kind too tempting to do the poodle rip and chew. Sadly totally circular toys just aren't as interesting either. *Sigh* But us poodle moms keep our needles sharp when you guys get bored. 🐩