Tuesday, September 5, 2017

going cross country... post one

Travel! Yea!
Open your mind, expand your horizons! Take a road trip across the USA !

Milo here... well I'm game for anything! Pack your precious stuff, toys, kibble, water bowls and bones climb in the nest mama made for you, lie very close to her leg so you know she's still there, and enjoy the ride.
Daddy is our pilot, and mama made a nest back with me so she could play the book Daddy downloaded.
They laughed because it's a book set in Denver! About Goldie's catering and murder mysteries!  Crunch Time by Diana Mott Davison. Our disc player in the van gave up the ghost, so we play it with the ipad and a radio.
Mama pushes buttons, sews, tells Daddy to stop for the worlds biggest cowboy boot! or the World's biggest painting of Sunflowers...  more on that later... stay tuned.
So we drove across Ohio... oh my doggie patience. Then other states. We liked stopping in Indianapolis because there was a fringe Theater festival going on and a cool quilt store for the mama.
Crimson Tate is a graphic designer and the ladies said, Milo! come on in!

such a charming and pretty neighborhood store. I'd return to it!

The area is very progressive, and this lovely bike lane makes it easy for lots of families to come play
We walked all around the town enjoying the people
Art Bank! What a fun concept... make a deposit, make a withdrawal...
pretty homes, "green" cars to rent along with bikes...
 this group rented the circle bike, everyone facing in and pedaling while drinking beer from a syphon. Laughing.
And this guy giving out cake. And hugs. The people here are trying to counteract the angry administration we have now, but finding some way to meet on common ground. Theater people are the best!

Milo splayed out next to the table and said he'd give out free kisses.
Just bend down a bit...

On to St Louis for the largest man-made geyser with four tall fountains on each side but...
it was at half mast for some reason... a bit of a let down although we saw the archway to the West!

More later y'all.
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  1. Your travels look wonderful. Places I want to visit.

  2. Sounds like Milo is managing the move nicely.

  3. You travel smart - making it an adventure and checking out things long the way. That would be my choice too.

  4. Great way to shop for your new home! That sounds like such a cool town. Milo looks like he's healing nicely. mary in Az

  5. Is this the start of the big move? I'm envious of your car setup! I could never get the hubs to agree to that. Sounds like ilo is doing okay with the travel. Hope his parents are too!

  6. I love road trips! I'm assuming you traveled on I70 through Illinois. Next time, exit at Casey, IL for all the big things that town has to offer and Greenup, IL for a view of our covered bridge. Going to have to head over to Indy for a tour of that quilt shop.

  7. Good combination of travel and rest stops. I like Diana's books, too, and love remembering different areas in the Denver area.

  8. Oh my gosh! Diana Mott Davison lives up in Evergreen and is one of my favorite mystery writers. She's a fun read, especially cross-country. Hope to see you soon!

  9. Wow - all the places you go! Looking forward to what comes next.

  10. Love traveling with you. Looks like Milo is being good. I've read all of Davidson's Goldy books, but there hasn't been a new one since 2013. Visited St Louis years ago and went to the arch, the train station and a Cardinals game. Safe travels.

  11. Hi LeeAnna,
    Wow! You have been travelling and getting a lot out of your days together! Super to see and read! Looking forward to the biggest Sunflower painting!