Monday, September 11, 2017

Scenes from Golden, CO

One weekend afternoon we stopped house hunting (we found one later!) and visited the town of Golden CO. Enjoy these scenes from our visit.
Above was a wedding party taking their photos with a back drop of store fronts! Okay....
From the suspension bridge
 Many people were riding inner tubes along the river
There was a story of pioneer couple on the historical markers. The wife said she planned to make a little money selling extra vegetables. The husband laughed at her and said, sure you can keep what you make, having little belief she'd make anything. She turned it into a very profitable business, much to his shock!

Never underestimate a woman!

There was a quilt shop but the sign out front said many No this, No that, No the other allowed and it turned me off. No purchase there. I did look in, and the workers never welcomed me, but kept chatting to each other. No offense meant if you love this shop... but first impressions count.

Plenty of friendly businesses to visit so we moved on...

Lots of shops... some funny signs...

There was an antique car display that day that included some loud motorcycles that scared Milo

Tacky photo op
The smoke blew away for a little bit that day... it's been consistently hazy sometimes to the point of darkness and difficulty breathing for all of us.
We enjoyed our visit and plan to return when possible!


  1. It is always interesting when you can "feel" the unfriendliness of a business. I would have been right with you - no purchases there.

  2. What a shame about the quilt shop. Who needs them? There are plenty of great shops around.

  3. Isn't Golden lovely? I will agree quilt shops that aren't very friendly I don't frequent.

  4. My husband and I spent the morning in Golden and loved it. Such a cute town. We loved the pizza restaurant.

  5. I seem to recall there was a beer plant there? I love Colorado. I'm so glad you were able to check out various towns there. When you have time after your move try to take a trip to Pagosa Springs or Durango. Priceless. Enjoy your long move!!! mary in Az

  6. It looks like a beautiful day and people enjoying themselves everywhere.

  7. Never been to Co. Too far to drive with the Boys. I would go crazy in the car that long LOL

  8. You have been finding some fun places to explore! I'm not a fan of unfriendly businesses either. Why would a quilt shop be that way? I hope you've found a great home here in Colorado!

  9. Your photos reminded Mom of her visit to Golden with family & friends years ago. She didn't get to see the suspension bridge though. I bet Milo had on her adventure & I bet she wanted to jump in the river & play! Mew Mew! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  10. I've been to Golden. Went to an exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, which I was surprised to find was quite small. The funny thing was they had an exhibit at the time with some fairly modern quilt. There were probably only 20 or so quilts in the exhibit, but one of them was done by a quilter who lives about 35 miles from me. Thought that was quite a coincidence. I bought some coasters and a pair of esrrings that are now one of my favorites,in the museum gift shop. We did visit that quilt shop, but I don't remember too much about it. It was small and I think I only bought a fat quarter or two.