Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Like Thursday # 54 Scenes from CO

I'm on the road, but here are a few images for I Like Thursday... more later on all the likes and adventures but for today...

I Like wildflowers in a mason jar. This was seen in a historical society of Arvada CO house built turn of last century.The women I met were just lovely and I may come work there when I move to CO. I used to work at the Archeology lab in Historic Annapolis. It's a passion of mine.

I liked visiting Wooden Spools quilt shop  in Englewood CO. They allowed Milo to chill while I looked at lovely fabric and books.
This shop also sells fabric from customers at a discount... must be new not washed. They also have a huge supply of older books, and since I was looking for one, 9-patch Piuzazz, I was able to find it here!
go ahead and shop Mama, I'll take a wee nap!
I Like old photos....
looks like a woman train!
I liked this terrific shop in Denver's Cherry Park
Show of Hands gift shop
Look at a small pic of their glass... shop is full of hand made colorful items including images of bears made from bottle caps!
The shop keeper told me about the area and allowed Milo to lie down while I shopped. Nice! I'll be back!

I liked our reflections- selfie  in this glass

I liked sitting on this open porch in white wicker chairs watching people walk by the Arvada Harvest festival
Aren't these solar lights awesome? 
 I'll do more photos later but it was a peaceful moment in the midst of worry and change.

We discovered Washington Park in Denver, and the homes around it. Oh if we only had 2 million to buy a home here! Look at this cool roof!!!!

A whole post on our two days at this Wonderful Park later!

I Liked finding a home and chewed my nails when we put in an offer...and started inspections
Milo's likes
I liked all the places we visited and meeting so many dogs... dang this brace! I wanted to play with all of them! Well maybe not the cranky older lab who snapped at my nose. Hey! I'm a baby!

This is a 5 month old black poodle girl I really REALLY wanted to play with!

She played poodle games, reached her paws up to touch me, you know the ones!

Dang the brace again, can't reach out to her, but I tried to bow.

Maybe one day...

I loved this image of two dogs waiting to walk... dog butts!

That's it but for one last sky photo showing the smoke we've been living with for the whole visit. It gives us a sore throat, cough and headache. Hope the rains come soon to the West and stop the rampant fires from the extreme heat and dry conditions this summer.

Climate change is real, and affected by human choices.

Please enjoy these other people's I Like posts and consider writing one yourself! Let me know and I'll add you in next time!

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  1. Love your likes! It seems like you are finding wonderful areas and shops in Colorado! Poor Milo, you will be healed soon my dear boy. Sending hugs!

  2. Oh so many wonderful things, when all around us seems in upheaval it is important to take a moment, breath deep, and appreciate the beauty around us, even if it is something tiny.

  3. Lots of good "likes" - and I LOVE those solar lights. So cute. Looking forward to hearing more about the house and the explorations.

  4. Sounds like you are in the middle of the big move. Positive thoughts sent for everything to go smoothly! Some of the places you've been visiting are new to me, so I'm going to have to check them out! Skies and air here in No Colo are much clearer than a week ago, so I hope it will be that way in your part of the state when you return too.

  5. Hang in there girl! We cannot wait for all the photos of your new home and to see you settled. I NEED those solar lights! I saw on the weather report yesterday that a big cold front is coming close to Denver over the weekend. I am so envious. I so enjoy your blogging and photos of all the shops you visit! Best wishes. mary in Az Oh-thx for including my likes!

  6. Hello, I hope all goes well with your house purchase. I like the solar lights, very pretty. Milo seems happy to greet new dogs. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  7. That glass is so funky! Good luck with the house!

  8. Huzzah for a house! How exciting and stressful. I hope it all goes smoothly.

  9. Milo seems like such a good boy! I hope all goes well with the inspections/purchase of the house. I know it can be stressful. Take care and thanks for linking up today!

  10. CO looks like a place to look forward to! Hugs for Milo!

  11. I hope smoke from wildfires won't be a problem for you in the future in CO. I had an aunt and uncle living in Golden when I was a teenager. Their house backed up to a cemetery. Uncle loved to joke about how it was such a great neighborhood people were dying to get in!

  12. Great likes! Especially like places that let the dogs in. Good luck with the house. Have a great week.

  13. Lots of great things here. I like the Colorful Glasses, The Roof on that house and of course, Milo, he seems to be having a great time.

  14. Pretty shots! I'm a big fan of old photos too, and I like the old, unusual roof on that house. Have a nice weekend!

  15. I love that picture of Milo in the quilt shop!

  16. Nice you found a house! Oh now the real work begins. We in the PNW have rain in the forecast for late Sunday. We hope it washes away the smoke and helps put out the fires. The Eagle Creek fire still has the interstate closed.

  17. just love Milo....what a lovely doggo!

  18. Hello, Milo and the doggie butts are all cutie. Milo has made himself comfy in the shops. Cute photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  19. Wishing you well with your new home purchase ~ looks great! Lovely and fun photos of what you like ~ I like your doggie ~ ^_^

  20. You sure did find lots of color! Wishing you all goes well with your new home and soon you will find yourself settled. Cute dogs!