Saturday, September 23, 2017

Beautiful Native Girl

Beautiful Native girl  15" X 18"
In the midst of all the decisions and actions required in moving from home to home, state to state, I sewed one afternoon this week and finished the little flamingo scrap piece. Once I chose borders it didn't take long.
My friend Maria suggested orange, so I used the orange feather fabric I mentioned on my I Like post Thursday.

I wish I'd made it larger now, but what it did was add a hint of highlight, and subtly change the tone of the piece...

lesson learned!
Pretty as is! Then I decided to add a lovely intense bubbly pink by moda and quilt it with sparkly mylar thread
As usual I quilted with a combination of walking foot echo straight line, and free motion.

These are quality mylar threads, and easy to use with a size 90 metallica needle.

This is the back, straight out of the scrap bins like the other fabrics, except for the borders.

Even the binding had to be pieced from two different green fabrics

I didn't do a miter binding, I bound top and bottom with one green, sides another green and butted the ends .

I often do this on art quilts

Of course there was a decision about which color to use for binding and I auditioned some choices...

finally settling on the green, thanks Joanne! She hinted that she didn't see my usual neutral lime anywhere... lol!

The rick rack I seemed intent on using somewhere, went between the pink and orange.

It repeated the wavery quilting lines of the sunset heat, and brought back the colors in the original stamp fabric.

If you remember, my friend Deb Gabel gave it to me when I asked, as she was throwing it away. The tiny pinwheels were cut offs from another project.

So the whole piece came from little throwaway pieces of fabric... I love that!

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  1. I love how this piece goes from bright in the center, to the darker blue border, and then works out to bright again. Fun to look at! And the lime green binding pulls out the green of th palm tree in the center. Looks like a good way to de-stress over all of the details of the move!

  2. Perfect finish, I love the addition of the rick rack, it's the finishing touch that takes it directly to the Wow category!

  3. Turned out darling! I can imagine building a bathroom decor around that little quilt hanging on the wall. I have a fun beach themed bathroom totally decorated around the flip flop quilt that hangs on the wall.

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    Terrific!! All those colours! Summer fun in a quilt!

  5. So many layers of fun. Glad you used orange -- and lime. Perfect combination

  6. So lovely--I've never heard of mylar threads or sparkley ones!!
    they add so much to your piece--just think it came out beautifully..hugs, Julierose

  7. I love the addition of the rick rack. And I love pink and orange together. I bet this is fabulous in person!

  8. What a fun quilt. It's been interesting to see it come together. The lime binding is perfect.

  9. It's SEW cute!!! I like how you pulled the green out to the edge. Oh! And there's ORANGE in it for the RSC!!!

  10. Hi LeeAnna,
    I wonder what the Colorado quilt will look like!

  11. I love how this came together - the little pinwheels and the sparkly thread are my favourite touches.

  12. This is one of my favs. I really love all the borders and all the extra touches that kick it up! Fabulous piece!

  13. The binding makes this adorable mini quilt! Great choice. This quilt makes me happy.

  14. "More is more" really works with this piece. Every new element added so much. Glad that you were able to take some time to create.

  15. I love your tip about orange next to pink. Too often we want to make a sharp delineation between borders. This shows another way. And I had that orange feather fabric, too. It's beautiful.
    I'm curious about your butted binding. Do you sew the last two bindings together at their short end? How do you keep it from sticking out past the first binding?

  16. I love it ! It looks beautiful. The border really make that flamingo POP!

  17. I absolutely adore this Flamingo finish. I love the vibrant colors. It makes me want to travel to Florida soon. Happy sewing! Andrea

  18. I love it ! I love to use those shiny threads too.....what a fun art piece !

  19. A thrifty piece - but very beautiful! Those little extra touches like the ric rac and sparkly thread really make it something special!

  20. This is a great hap-happy piece LeeAnna! I, too, love Sulky's Holoshimmer threads and you are absolutely right that they are easy to work with as long as you use the Metallica 90 and I loosen my top tension a fair bit, and sew slower. :-)