Thursday, September 28, 2017

I Like Thursday # 56

Welcome to this week's list of likes!

I liked this bowl with a poodle in Fall enough to buy it despite having to pack and move it cross country!
If you like it too, I got it at Pier One. I also loved a lot of their current furniture and when we settle if there is any money left for furniture, I will go see what's there.

I forgot I liked Pier One!

And they welcomed Milo in Columbia whereas the Pier One in Annapolis said, no dogs! In a shopping center connected to condos that have many many dogs living in them. Hmmm... smart?

Milo was the epitome of quiet calm poodle in there, merely looking at the displays as we walked by.

I Like this bracelet I purchased from an artist on our recent trip out West.

It's stainless steel, and has daisies and is easily put on and taken off as it opens totally. Love!

Since I had to go to a hotel to avoid the mosquito spray this week, Milo and I took a little trip up to Hinkletown Sewing in Penn. Many of us in the Baltimore area go all the way to this shop for the great service and deals on machines. They are always ready to help me into a new machine! I'd love to!

While my machine was being serviced, we stopped in a little garden center where I saw this topiary...
of flamingos! Are there a lot of flamingo lovers in Pennsylvania??? Should I be moving there instead of Colorado? We also visited a historic area in Ephrata that will be Milo's travel story later...

Milo and I were both thankful and relieved this person didn't totally run us down at the garden center
I mean it was broad daylight, there were lots of open spaces,  I had put down the ramp and was getting Milo into the car when she whipped around and nearly ran over both of us!!! I leapt out of the way, pulling Milo off his pins. We were not injured but my elbow hurt for 24 hours and the driver was oblivious. She said, oh, I didn't see you... sorry... and waltzed off while I tried to return to a normal heartbeat. I like that we survived.

I Like this fabric I found at springwaterdesigns quilt shop in Columbia
I met my friend Linda there for the afternoon and we had a long chat and sewed and both bought this jelly roll. We decided it would be a challenge for the two of us. Make something to bring us into a good state of mind!
It is gorgeous, right?
I don't often work with a jelly roll but all their fabric was 25% off ! I also purchased this panel for fall,
The designer does them each season.
and there is a free  pattern using it and fall leaves blocks.

And I also chose this fat quarter with words I need to remember myself...

I really liked this hand work piece Linda is working on.

 She likes embroidery and beads, but true "crazy quilts" make her have crazy eyes!
She used hand dyed wool in a setting like the modern mosaics, and is allowing her creative spirit to lead her to the stitches and the threads, beads, and extras she sews on.
I know this bead and thread combo is little flowers but my eye saw palm trees!!!

 She said she is focused on the process so slow is great, and if she changes her mind mid stream she goes with that too. She believes a piece should show the hand of the maker, so she does strive for balance but not "perfection"  It is an amazingly detailed piece...
The colors are brilliant in person, and her bag of embroidery threads is awesome!!

I am enjoying this book by one of my fave authors, Julie Garwood. Modern day mystery/romance. Easy to read and engaging characters as well as storyline. 
Shadow Dance (Buchanan-Renard, #6)

Milo and I are both relived Daddy made it up the treacherous ladder

 to take down two strings of lights. We used to turn on the fairy lights each night but they had begun to flicker. Suddenly (a year later) it occurred to me the two strings added last could be stressing the outlet. Down they came and the lights work again! Yea!

Milo likes his new bed from pet smart... came with a bone pillow and a blankie all for $39.99, ten buckeroos less than Khols price. He squeezed himself into a corner of it since the pillow was still attached.

Wonder how long it will take him to destroy it too? 

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  1. What a lot of beautiful likes. I love browsing at Pier One and always see things I love. A bracelet that goes on and off easily is a great attribute-one I'm starting to require! You are fortunate to have so many quilting/sewing shops around...they are scarce here. I used to worry about my driving till I saw and still see people doing such stupid stuff. I like that you're both okay too!

  2. Your fall bowl is fabulous. Cute fabrics, and the panels....oh they are gorgeous. Pier One is fabulous. I love your friends modern crazy quilt. I think it is a wonderful idea.

  3. Great likes! I love the pier one plate! It's so nice to see that Milo has adjusted to his brace. That woman in the parking lot: GRRRRRRRRRR! I would not have been able to hold my tongue. What a crank!

  4. Wow! That is SOME embroidery Linda is going! Breath-taking. LOVE the poodle plate-come ON! Who thinks of things like this? I love that they do! I also love how well-behaved Milo was in the store! I get why no dogs are allowed because not all owners have their dogs under control...and some people are very allergic, but I do love how open Europeans are to dogs. Great post as always, and I've linked one for the month with your :-)

  5. Be glad you don't drive in Sun City. It's treacherous. Those drivers have no clue what driving laws are and many drive "boats" that take up 2 parking spaces. Oh- and golf carts have a right of way! I only live a mile from there so many times I have to go thru SC to get to my destination. Crazy.
    On a happier note- I love so many of your "likes" today- the poodle bowl, bracelet, jelly roll and panel. I love Pier 1 but can't afford it. Sometimes I just walk thru for inspiration. Thanks so much for this post. I hope your moving is going well and thanks for including me today. mary

  6. What a rude driver!!

    I love Pier One too. The closest one is 75 miles away but I do love to stop in there when looking for something unique. But it's one of those stops that I can only make when I'm alone because I want to just explore on my own time.

  7. You sure found a nice bunch of goodies and Milo is a very good shopper. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. What a cute plate! I would enjoy that one, too, even without a poodle in my life! I really like all of your fabric purchases! It looks like you can find some interesting things at that shop. I haven't read any books by Julie Garwood, so will have to try one. Mysteries are always my go- to read! I was slow publishing my post this morning because we are in Oregon for a vacation, but it is there now. Happy Thursday!

  9. I can see why you couldn't resist that poodle bowl! Milo is looking so grown up in the Pier One photo. What a handsome boy!

  10. Thanks for the kind comments. :) We did have fun, eh? I'm pondering what to make with my pretty strips (thinking, maybe, a series of prayer flags?)

    :) Linda

  11. That bowl is fantastic. So is the embroidery and the fabric. Fun!

    I can kind of understand the businesses that aren't dog-friendly. All it takes is one badly-behaved dog-owner to destroy a lot of merchandise.

    I'm so glad no one was hurt by the oblivious driver!

  12. I'm feeling very positive today...because I feel so great! Milo is just the sweetest and I'm glad you didn't get hurt. How inconsiderate of this driver! LOVE your new bracelet! And now you have me wanting to find a Pier One. I haven't been to one in years! Happy hugs, Diane

  13. Fun fabric choices! Glad you and the pup didn't get run over!

  14. Milo looks like the perfect companion. Quiet and calm....and handsome! Thank you for linking up today and I hope to see you back again next week!

  15. Good Morning! I've never stumbled upon your Likes post before - how fun! I love this idea, and Thursdays truly are my favorite day. I had to laugh right outright at seeing Milo crammed on one side of his new bed because the pillow was on the other side. I love dogs! They crack me up. I can totally see the palm trees in your friend's stitching. ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. Lots of nice things to like here. I enjoyed the Topiary, The Bracelet, Milo enjoying himself & also the fact you survived the rude driver.

  17. I love that bracelet. Watch out or I will steal it. hehe

  18. Hello, I always enjoy shopping at Pier One, they have some cool stuff. Milo looks comfy while you shop and on his new bed. The fabrics are pretty and I like the bracelet. I have witnessed some crazy drivers lately, so impatient. Thank you so much for linking up today, sorry if there was trouble with the linky. I am working on it. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. Being the owner of a Crazy Poodle I just had to stop by to admire your calm poodle and pottery. We had to leave our dog when we moved to Bangkok so I'm a bit poodle obsessed! Our is a cavoodle crossed with a King Charles Cavalier and not really that crazy any more! He has matured :) Hope you have recovered from the car park incident - not nice!
    Wren x

  20. HUH! A rude driver indeed. BUT we love your treasures!!!

  21. I like the way you can find flamingos almost anywhere! Very happy you were not run down.

  22. What a fun post! So many interesting things. I rarely go to Pier One, but we were in need of end tables and thought we should check it out. They had exactly what we needed and a small couch to boot. I was a happy camper afterwards. Milo looks like a very calm and well behaved puppy!

  23. I just love Pier One, always forget there is one on the other side of town. I saw palm trees in the embroidery too. You have some lovely likes posted.

  24. What beautiful stitchery... love the beads added!

  25. There are definitely a lot of great things to like in this post. I definitely see those palm trees in the stitching, too...or maybe it's just wishful thinking for some warmer weather.

  26. So many fun shares! Glad you're okay after the close encounter with the car. Milo definitely was an angel in the store!

  27. I saw palm trees too! For some reason I haven't been receiving your blog post notifications despite subscribing. Technology is vexing me. Again. 😐 Grr.

  28. i absolutely love that bowl and also have forgotten how much i used to love pier 1! i need to make a trip there...sweet that they allowed milo in and it looks like he loves his new bed! thank you so much for linking with willy nilly and i hope to see you again soon! :)

  29. Your bowl made me gasp with pleasure as I thought, "Hey, that looks just like Milo!" It's so nice to see your I Like post growing into more likes! Hugs to you and Milo for surviving that near miss! Take good care!

  30. I love that plate! And loved reading of your trip and all the things you are liking.

    I saw palm trees with I looked at the row of crazy quilt stitches as well.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!