Thursday, September 7, 2017

I Like Thursday... cross country part three

Welcome to this week's list of likes... and continuation of our cross country trip. 
And we're still in the van! Day four!

Of course we stopped in Goodland Kansas to see the world's largest sunflower painting!
 I don't know the whole story but It's a story I'm sure!

See Milo and Mama at the bottom? Makes me look petite doesn't it? lol
It's flat here. Note the blue sky and location.. right next to Bubba's Meat Block
and the pizza hut. Better take advantage of finding food around here... few and far between eateries. Of course at Bubba's you have to cook it at home.

Imagine painting this!

Once an interior decorator requested I make a quilt for her client. A 6 Ft X 8 Ft duck. Yep, duck.
 One BIG duck.
I said okay but it'll cost you. She said, dang! That's the same price everyone is quoting.
(well if you really don't want to make it in the first place, you'll need incentive)

I loved this shot my neighbor Maria in MD took at the MD state fair

I like the moon pic my husband took, and it's intense mostly because of the smoke we're living with here from nearby state wildfires.

I like this birdhouse. My other neighbor in MD, Bonnie, sent me this image so my new neighbors will get the "real" me! Our new HOA requires permission from the committee for birdhouses on your lawn.
Do you think they are winos?
Thought I'd include a pic of the hula girl on my likes too!
I Like her round face, the Uke, her belly and grass skirt. Yep, she's a good addition to my pile O'stuff

Once we made it to Colorado and checked into the Homewood Suites.
I like the hotel chain, and the space. They serve breakfast and happy hour snacks.

They allow pets so there are a number of us with dogs here. I don't like that they won't let us sit across from the breakfast room with Milo like the hotel in CT does. Here's what.... dogs are probably as clean and quieter than little kids!

I like that Milo likes babies. I was shocked one evening to see the elevator door open, a family and leeeetle baby walk out. She squeeled and reached for Milo. He strained at the leash until they got together and touched noses.

Drew said they met the previous day and loved each other.
Cole might have snapped but Milo just adores children. Yea!

When you're as cute as a poodle, children are attracted to you!

Milo's Likes this week:
"No picture because the Mama was in shock, but I like babies! Yep, little human puppies are adorable!"
"I also like being with Mama especially when we three are riding together and Mama is in the back so I can press up against her. Once while she was driving to see another house, I got scared and jumped over the console and into her lap.

"She screamed bloody murder y'all, and she knows poodles have extremely good hearing"

(editor's note: I have had several dogs, none of which ever, EVER moved around in a car. The all stayed put. I had no idea this would happen with Milo as
1. he's injured and in a tight brace
2. he likes his nest and has always stayed right on it
Now we have his ramp and the tall car shade between the front and his nest. Since driving is now out of the question he lies down in his nest again. Don't chastise me for not putting him in a crate or seatbelt. The seat was taken out for the trip and the crate is too large now. His baby crate worked. We'll survive, don't alert the media.

Milo: " anyway, now I am not allowed to drive ever because mama says I have no license so I am stuck in the back where I can hunker down in my cozy nest all protected but bored. I still like to be with my peeps"

That's it for today... please enjoy these other people sharing their list of likes! If you want to join us and I hope you do, please let me know you did a post in comments!

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  1. Wow imagine trying to paint something on that scale. LOL big duck. Have you found a house yet? HOA, never ever heard of one before until I moved to the Midwest. I kind of like doing whatever I want dang the torpedoes, hate arrow for the neighbors lets get on with life!

  2. Good morning, I always look forward to your posts and Milo's. My 2 furbabies are never crated or belted in a vehicle. Their leashes are attached to the door before I close it so they can't go 'flying; in an accident but they still have plenty of room to be comfy, and they stay where I have seated them. Have a splendid day!

  3. Great likes today! Glad the trip is going well. I'm not sure what to do with Scout in the car either. We used a seatbelt harness for Teddy and then he ate our seatbelt :( So for now someone sits in the back seat with her. I'm sure Milo is enjoying all the stimulation of the trip since he is restricted right now. Scout has been so bored these past weeks and I know Milo is too! Have a wonderful day!

  4. That Sunflower painting is enormous! The smoke in the sky was scary. Sorry Milo jumped up front! I can't imagine what that felt like. Glad no one was hurt. Can't wait to see your new home. Sorry it has HOA tho, so confining. Bird houses, really?
    Have a safe trip and thanks for including my site in the likes list.
    mary in Az

  5. Fun new birdhouse! I bet the birds of CO will appreciate it!

  6. I love that sunflower painting! How fun!

    Safe travels. Can't wait to hear about houses.

  7. That is quite the painting! I love the birdhouse. I hope they let you hang that!

  8. Hi,
    Great shots. I can't even image seeing this huge painting. I like it! Really cute Hula Girl. Have a great day!

  9. Sorry, forgot to say I posted my I Like Thursday at my place, Food for Thought.

  10. We've been to see the giant painting in Goodland, and met the artist, too! I have to admit I don't remember all the details behind the painting except that it is an homage to Van Gogh, and the artist had a plan to paint one for every state. Not sure if he has actually accomplished it though. Of course, Kansas has the sunflowers! Goodland has smaller paintings done by kids displayed on easels in many places around town, too. I always love hearing about Milo in your posts. He has such personality!

  11. Well I feel like a dumby!! Are you in 52Frames?! Someone posted this in the group FB and I had no idea it was you (that or there is an uncanny coincidence!!)

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    Now that's a painting! Good to see you there!

  13. Oh, the joys of HOAs. Love the birdhouse and the hula girl.

  14. Hello, I have always wanted to drive across the country, what a cool road trip! The sunflower painting is giant sized. It is great you found hotels that are dog friendly. I missed the Maryland state fair. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  15. So pleased Milo likes kids! That's one of my greatest pleasures with Bentley- kids always want to pet him and he's so friendly with them, even though he doesn't always like strange grown up men. And that horse picture is fabulous! Kansas is definitely flat- we are south of there and all the way through western oklahoma and west texas on the way to my family in New Mexico is just as flat. You feel like you can see forever. Don't fall asleep while driving!

  16. That is one BIG sunflower painting! Love the cork birdhouse, too.

  17. The sunflower painting is pretty cool, but I have to confess that I never thought of creating a giant painting! lol Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend.

  18. I just love the hula girl.... She has the best facial expression!

  19. A totally cool giant sunflower painting!! Love it!

  20. Enjoyed taking the road trip with you vicariously. Have you seen the movie, A Thousand Clowns, starring Jason Robards? There is a great scene with another dashboard size Hawaiian charmer. Yours brought the movie back.