Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Like Thursdays #52 books and Lakes

Welcome to this week's list of likes. The above picture is from Colorado.
More about that later but I wanted to share a few pictures of Bingham Lake at the Pinery in Parker Colorado.

I like one sign that covers the bases...
No swimming... stay off the ice!
It was late afternoon and a strong rainstorm washed the air clean, then a breeze rustled the leaves and sun glinted off the water in a big reminder of this world's beauty.

 Sun sparkling through the cattails, diamonds on the water. I would challenge the writers among us to write a story using this image as a prompt.

I saw birds I've never seen before, like medium sized loud birds wearing tuxedos.
I loved the sky after the rain, in late afternoon. The mountains showed up and surprised us! They had been lost in the haze people said came from smoke in the NW. Look at this sky!

Like a wee miracle! We stood silently, reached for each other's hands, and enjoyed the quiet. I made a little 2 min video like the ones the Sunday Morning show used to do of nature... enjoy it here
I sure hope you are able to hear the wind rustling through the leaves... the shhhhhhhh was incredibly peaceful. I love to hear dancing leaves brushing against each other.

I like my estate agent here... she says what all the people have been saying to me... I want this to be a good experience for you. Then reminds me to relax. The vet tech said the same thing, the hotel clerks also said that. The universe is trying to send a message.

At breakfast in Kansas one day, a couple shared our table and we had a great conversation. They were there because a deer ran into their car so the deer was killed and so was their car. They were on I-70 doing 75 mph and lived to tell the story. The wife told me to remember life will unfold as it should so let go.

I love books...

I am still reading this book. I am taking time to really think about each chapter as I read...

 I live with so many fears. I loved what she wrote about fears, patience, acceptance.

Fears... we all have them. Fear is the base of anger. Fears underlie anger in every circumstance.

We all deal with things, overcome (or not) obstacles, and can learn from each other. I am learning from this book.

I was asked this question by a writer:   
What books would go on your bookshelf of life?

 Which 10 books would you want always to keep? Have changed you? Made such an impact you might return to them.

I think the Four Agreements would go on mine. Anything by Dr. Brian Weiss.
Rosamund Pilcher and Diana Gabaldon, Sara Dunnant and Rhys Bowen would have to be represented. I don't have a definitive list but it's a great question isn't it?

I like being read to...
I take a lot of books on disc, and on the ipad along in the car.

I'm starting to enjoy reading on the kindle app.

I love words.
I hope in the new state, in the new home, to have an area in which to thrive as a writer. I want that energy so that I can continue to learn about using words.

The more empty bookshelves in the office will accept these I found around the first floor, still wanting to be read. We'll take many books with us despite their weight.
Books have so much value to us. We use the library but there are some books one wants to keep.

 I like: finding a perfect color for border of painted quilt
Play Create Imagine
bonus I  Like: Studio Poodles
 Milo here with my list,
I like traveling in my car nest, with my people. I've had many adventures and will share them later but for now, believe it or not, I Like Cats!

Editors note:
Milo needed his sutures removed  so we visited a vet who has two office cats.
Parker Center animal clinic

 Milo has never met a cat. I waited for the explosion and nothing. He sniffed it's back end... the cat strutted by ignoring him totally, so Milo  followed him. Round and round the clinic. I got some tranquilizers for the crazy boy moments to keep him quieter.

Lead and the world will follow you.

 For once no barks!

He has stopped growing since the surgery. He had been growing 3 lbs a week and getting taller. The vet said he may be on a plateau, and if he doesn't grow as tall as he might have, it's better on his joints anyway. (wah)  

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  1. Interesting you wrote about fear. It seems to be a constant theme of things I have read, sermons, even books I am reading--how truly blessed to have breakfast with the couple. Love the pictures of the cattails, and sparkling water....the bird (we used to call them camp robbers) are magpies. What books to keep on your bookshelf of life huh? I like Diana Galbadon....

  2. Hi LeeAnna. I couldn't sleep so decided to finish my blog post. Thank you for including me in your list. I can't imagine the stress you are under with the move and Milo's recovery. I moved 2 years ago-10 miles west and it was such a project but so worth it! Thank you for the peaceful video. I miss visiting Colorado. Such a beautiful state. I have included info on my blog for anyone wishing to send quilts to Houston for flood victims. Have a peaceful day! mary in Az

  3. Fear can become such a constant burden to haul around every day--I went to "Kino Yoga Meditation" on Youtube the other day and her short meditation sequences are wonderful to release your inner fears....I don't do Yoga per se, but i appreciate being able to quiet my about a "monkey mind"--that's me for your breezes...hugs, Julierose

  4. Loved your lake photos! You captured some beautiful light. I am loving all of the blooming sunflowers around Colorado right now. I hope Milo is healing! He has beautiful long legs - soon he will be able to use them again the way he wants to! Thanks for your thoughts on fear - made me think, too, as it is a part of me that I would love to let go of.

  5. Sounds and looks like you are a step or two closer to making the big move. Best wishes!

    I find comfort being surrounded by my books. My husband doesn't understand how much I've wanted bookshelves built in this house. That's why after almost 12 years it still hasn't happened and most of my books remain in tubs in storage.

  6. Looks like a lot of good things this week. You need it!

    3lbs a week - that's a lot of growing.

    Thanks, as always, for hosting this - so enjoyable!

  7. Lots of good things today and Milo, we're proud of you! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. What great likes! Posted about Milo in our blog today. I love the photos of nature and the video. Very relaxing. Sounds like you are moving to a good place! Hugs!

  9. "Summer breeze makes me feel fine ,blowing through the jasmine in my mind"...."Diamond girl, sure do shine"... lines from music of my younger self come to mind at viewing your lake photos. Books, cats, life is good! is painted on the front of a tee shirt i gave to my sweetie long aGo, good to hear Milo is contnuing to heal. be well, sonja

  10. I love seeing your books. I love to read and miss it sometimes when I am busy. Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend.

  11. I'm going to look a little closer at your stack of books! I love to read and keep a couple of books going all the time. Enjoy your afternoon sweet lady! Hugs!

  12. Wait! What? No one has celebrated that this is ONE YEAR of "I likes"! Glad to see you are making progress. One step at a time. That goes for both you and Milo. Fear, hmmm, I may have to explore that more. I keep trying to be more positive, less negative, and more mindful, but somedays it just doesn't happen. Hope the Colorado home hunting goes well.

  13. We just moved from Heathsville, VA. to Sequim, WA. just for the summer weather. We have really enjoyed our first summer here, highs in the high 60's low 70's and no humidity. Yes, it was a very bold move, and I did have some fear that we made the decision to fast, but we are convinced that we made the right move. I'm 66, DH only 65. We left behind two adult daughters and five grandkids. The two oldest grands were just here for 10 days and loved it. I love that you are taking the leap, for whatever reason. Just enjoy the change and good luck. We are so at home here, hope that you feel the same after your move.

  14. I enjoyed your post. I have books everywhere...I check out the used books in the library bookstore almost every week. They also sell magazines for 10 cents each. I made quite a find this week...Somerset magazines, six of them, usually selling at 14.95 each. I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving as I drove away with them. They will join my stacks and stacks of things to do and read. I found your post through Skywatch Friday.

  15. That beautiful lake is not that far from my brother's house! What a small world. Good luck with the home search. I know the perfect Colorado place is just waiting to welcome you, Drew and sweet Milo.

  16. We used to have tons of books, but we gave most of them away when we moved from Ohio to Montana; when paying by the pound, every item counts! I love going to the library and borrowing books - if I don't like it, I don't feel bad for spending any money. Two books that my daughter (!) has recommended (talk about role reversal) are "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed and "Without Reservations: Travels of an Independent Woman" by Alice Steinbach.

  17. Moves are no fun. We moved every book we had the last time and I've never regretted it. Getting older and I am just beginning to sort through them all. Milo makes a beautiful studio pup. I love to read signs ... some are really fun!

  18. Hello, Colorado is a beautiful state. Are you moving there? Love the Black-billed magpie, beautiful bird. Your poodle is cute too. The flowers and lake are lovely, Great series of photos and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. We are glad to hear that Milo likes cats and want to assure him that the 4 cats that live here like dogs. Which is a good thing since Fenris & Tuiren are outnumbered.

  20. Beautiful, peaceful and interesting post! Loved your photos.

  21. Enjoyed your randoms. The lake & cattails are pretty. I belive the bird is some type of a Magpie. Reading is a fun thing.

  22. Those black and white birds are magpies, if I recall my time in CO correctly. Enjoy the trip and the new home. I enjoy Rhys Bowen's books, used to read Rosamund Pilcher but haven't for a long time.

  23. I love the cattails! I've always thought they were so neat! And so fun to find you're a Rosamunde Pilcher fan as well. My beloved Grandmother introduced me to her and gave me all her copies of Pilcher's books before she died. I was actually just re-reading a couple of them last week. Coming Home will always be my favorite, but the Shell Seekers is a pretty close second...

  24. Beautiful flowers. Loved the video. So peaceful!

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