Monday, October 2, 2017

Milo's Meanderings... middle America

That's right!
On our recent cross country trip home I asked if we could get off the interstate and travel on old US 40. This is the old road built when the country was being built, to keep us moving West. It's so cool. Anyway....
We stopped to see the world's largest Wind Chimes in Casey Ill.


We walked around this adorable little town for two hours I think! We started with the Mailbox
See that person up there? We started here because it was next to the ice cream place where we tasted two delish flavors

ooops, all gone! Must have liked it
. While there I chatted up a group of women, the Live Wives Group on an outing. I LOVED them! 
see Milo being adored by 9 women
 They asked if I wanted to join, and I would but the commute to Illinois would be a bear.
We then walked over to see the

 in the candy shop. Of course.

Next, over to the world's largest bird cage....
And of course we went to the knitting shop

To see some really big knitted projects, done on the

World's largest knitting needles and crochet hook

did you need a sweater in extra large? Then bring your knitting and take a seat in the World's largest rocking chair...
If you make a mistake you can use this BIG PENCIL and ERASER to correct it!

 All this big stuff gave us a big appetite so we stopped in here to have a little snack...

It was between the Chair and the Wind chimes, next to the BIG WORKSHOP where one citizen organizes all this giant stuff! He loved the town so much he wanted other people to come visit, and came up with this idea that took off in a BIG way!
He just keeps on figuring out how to make it as large as his love for the town

 I have to show you this shirt hanging in the cutest little shop full of old and new stuff...
  Hope you enjoyed our little side trip in Illinois and enjoy your harvest... it's Fall Y'all.


  1. What a delightful visit and town. I never heard of this before and thank you! mary

  2. So Dutch! wooden shoes and candy! Chocolate!
    Thanks for the very large tour!

  3. What a fun stop! I just saw a news story this summer about that little town and the man who started it all. They interviewed a lady at that knitting shop.

  4. That is all some seriously cool stuff!

  5. What a clever citizen to find such a whimsical way to celebrate his hometown. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the tour where everything is so LARGE;)

  7. That is a lot of fun! Someone has very creative ideas! I think they might need a giant Van Gogh on an easel somewhere in that town...

  8. What fun! Did you officially leave MD then?

  9. Oh Milo you make an excellent tour guide. Thank you for sharing your discovery. I may need to go to Casey, Illinois to see the worlds largest......

  10. What a fun diversion of the beaten Interstate. Milo, you're every bit as good a tour guide as Rick Steves.

  11. I love these kind of road trips and it looks like you hit the jackpot in this town!! LOVE it!! Classic Americana in every photo! Thank you for linking up today and I hope you have the BEST weekend!

  12. I heard about this on the news!

  13. A fun place to visit - I bet those ladies of the Live Wives would be great to spend time with.

  14. How fun to get off the beaten track and explore. My kind of traveling.

  15. I love exploring little-travelled roads and small hometown-kinda towns. My favourite shot here, however, is the first one..."Don't be afraid to take whisks" just cracked me up.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  16. These are things that Hubby would be sure to show me, if we were there. What wonderful pieces of Americana. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. There is a birdcage a bit like in London and it has a swing inside it that you can sit on


  18. Great shots of this collection of statues. A little surrealistic, but they are great!
    Thanks for joining the Travel Tuesday meme.