Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa, I need some more toys!

Which one of you guys wants to read this letter?
Dear Santa,
My momma has been on a spree. She sorted through my toys, WITHOUT asking mind you, and made three piles. She says there are some that need giving away that I don’t play with… YET! 
He's never even touched the candy cane and tug toy
Yet, momma! 
I’ll get to them. 
What? It’s been years?
 Heh heh my how time flies! Well I guess you can give them away since I never touched them.
But all the others? I mean just because they are broken, and the noise makers are gone and they stink and are dirty and chewed up?
 I just broke them in! 
I've been VERY GOOD!
Santa, all I have left are three LITTLE Toy-boxes full. 
What’s a poodle to do? 
I have my favorites sure, and dig for them even if momma puts them in the bottom. But they are mine, gathered over my whole life
All I can say is the duck better not disappear. 

Want to see my duck toy? a little red wagon, a duck and a poodle 

Santa, I really don’t need any new toys, so if you can take the ones you would have brought me,  to some deserving pups out there, that would be great.
I would not turn up my snout at some whimsies though, just sayin’
Love and licks, 

SO THIS is what you've been doing!! 
LeeAnna here: I am guilty of sorting through the mass of accumulated toys. I ripped the broken noise boxes and squeakers out of about 8 old toys, and would consider buying new squeakers to fix them. That squirrel alone is too cute to trash. I am not telling Cole yet, no need to get his hopes up.

Are you buying your dogs and cats new toys this year? Do they have their favorites that you are not allowed to get rid of? Is your house full of smelly toys like mine?


  1. Oh, my gosh I thought that letter might be from my Chiweenie Lucy. Good heavens she's down to only one big basket, heaping over with toys she never looks at. There are 4 or 5 that interests her, hedgie the hedgehog with a squeaker is her absolute number 1, (don't tell her but mommy has only 2 more of these left in the closet for when he get to tattered) she has another hedgehog that makes very weird noises, a Santa and a bat that squeak and a cup cake shaped one. She keeps accusing me with those big chiweenie eyes of taking all of her good stuff so I try to do it while she sunning her tummy in the yard.

  2. Oh Cole, you poor thing-why is your mom so 'mean?' Sam eviscerates all things stuffy related in a matter of seconds (those button noses & eyes must be well flavored-they are usually the point of entry for the stuffings) so he's got no toy box other than elk antlers for him to chew.

    Hope you guys are doing well. :)

  3. Yes, my little poodle will get a new toy or two for Christmas, even though she sticks with her favorites. Squeekie transplants are a regular occurrence at our house!

  4. Our cat has a well-chewed old stress ball that he stole from my husband's briefcase many, many years ago when he was a kitten. It even survived the move to this house 10 years ago. But just this week it has disappeared, so I'm wondering what piece of furniture it is hiding under. Usually he brings it into the bedroom every night.

  5. Cole that's nice to offer that toys to bring joy to other pups :o) my dad said NO TOYS! this year, he is NO crime scene cleaner. butt my momma said she has to look for my weight, so I will get toys instead of treats... I'm curious who will win this year...

  6. Cole - you're such a character. Merry Christmas my friend!

  7. I need to go through the boys toys and throw some away and give others to my local shelter. It is so hard being spoiled! BOL!

  8. 3 boxes of toys? And how big are those boxes? :)

  9. Bonnie Doon loved squeakies. She mostly loved hedgehogs. big huge hedgehogs. You can't get them at stores, only at the dog show vendors. I would bring her one every time Dutch and I went to a dog show. The Bad Basset Boyz totally destroy and eat any toy so they can only have Nylabones. So sad.......g

  10. we kept getting Taffy the same pink plastic spiky ball, she'd lose one and we'd get another, it HAD to be pink! Your scrap hexies are great, I know how you feel, some techniques cause too much waste, you've JUST GOT TO make something out of the scraps.

  11. PepiSmart: Hi Cole and mom,LOVE your post! Wonder which Santa read your letter? Hee Hee!
    Before I went OTRB, I had 24 toys (pals) and I carried a different one each day, on our walks and never damaged any of them. Mom still has them all in her cupboard.
    Thank you for always joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.
    Look forward to reading your post this week too. *special Xmas edition wave* :=o)