Saturday, December 26, 2015

Black and White Movie-star Flamingos

Roll out the red carpet, the black and white movie star Flamingos are here.
Flo Ziegfeld and Greta Garbo-Mingo ( I do NOT want to be alone) have joined the flock.
(BTW my design wall is white not pink as it appears here)
This is how it starts. Digging through the black and white scraps for teeny little flamingo like pieces.
As always the pattern is from Shirley Liby's sew precise.

How do I choose fabrics?
Thanks for asking, heh heh

It's scientific.

I likes what I likes.

And they should have movement and interest and contrast and be available in a scrap bin.

And I like to place the scrap just so.

Here they are joining the recent flock members. I have no Earthly idea how I will set these.

 I have a flamingo fabric collection, that's right, I know you're shocked. I'll wait while you recover.

Since there is water and sky in each little block, and since each little block was done at my whim so they are all different sizes, this will not be simple.

Of course.

Maybe I'll go around each one with the same fabric to unify them. Maybe there will be a big flamingo in the center. I don't know, I just make the blocks with little thought to the future.

It's like, when a fabric store clerk asks what I am going to do with a fabric while she cuts it.
Well, I hunted and gathered it, I'm going to take it home and clean (wash dry and fold) it, and it's going to join the others.
I'm adopting it.

Black and White dishes to follow, and that teapot, gonna be so cute!
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  1. Love those gorgeous flamingos! Happy after-Christmas. :)

  2. i likes your scraps! You B/W flamingos are wonderful!!
    i used to reply to that question by saying,
    " i have absolutely no idea what this is for, however, i love it and when i wake up at 3 in the morning in my jammies with an inkling of an idesaI'll have it "

  3. Your flamingoes are all lovely, but the two black and white ones are INSPIRED. Amazing. I know you will figure out something . . . but if not, just ask *them*.

  4. I am sure the flamingoes will flick together nicely when the time comes. So many pretty fabrics. Looking like a great finish to the year.

  5. These flamingos are simply divine, dahling! They all seem to be at a red carpet event by the ocean, definitely Cannes, where else? Your neighborhood looks like your flock have slipped out at night and there was some hanky panky going on. How else could there be so many flamingos in Maryland?

  6. i am going to have to pick something spectacular for the RSC16 next year! I love all your flamingos, cows and dishes. You have impressed me with how you stuck to all of fish and birds kinda dropped off and the foxes need two months to be caught up.

  7. I love how you placed that star for the eye. Flamingos ready for the black tie diamond studded event!

  8. Every time I see your flamingos and your cows I just have to smile. Love them all.

  9. they are artpieces and much much better than the plastic flamingos my momma bought once :o) (my dad jumped with joy as someone snitched them the first night they were placed in our entrance )

  10. Are flamigos unified?
    I thought they were all here and there, doing there own thing, well together, but very individual.
    Love the new additions!
    Take care,

  11. I'm sure they will tell you how to set them eventually. I think they are just waiting for more to arrive to the party!

  12. These are always a joy to see. There are so many wonderful ways to set odd shaped blocks. You'll come up with something as whimsical as your flamingos.

  13. I always look forward to your post, whether they are flamingos, cows, dishes, or anything else! So fun! I love waking up in the middle of the night with a quilting idea. So much better than something from work keeping you awake!

  14. These are fun! You always make such a colorful projects!

  15. The flamingos are just adorable; I have a special soft spot for this maligned creature and really need to make some. Kind of a private joke. Let me know where to get the pattern; I looked up Shirley Liby, but don't know which book the Flamingo lives in. I thought I loved your owl the best until I saw the Flamingo. Pink ones are cute--but black & white--how perfectly adorable!

  16. I should have mentioned your Dec. 26 post (flamingos!) is my birthday present from you and Cole. Happy 80th to me!

  17. You will figure the design out with flare, I am sure.

  18. Cute as usual! The idea of a big flamingo in the center it's pretty cool. I am looking forward to see your creative way of putting all your blocks together!! thanks for sharing!!

  19. I envy your stash! Those flamingos are adorable.

  20. So cute. You come up with the best blocks!

  21. The new flamingos are definitely ready for their close up. Figuring out how to set those blocks is always the hardest part.

  22. I thing you have excelled with the two marvellous feather flamingo! Can't wait to see how you decide to set these.

  23. I love your flamingos so very very much! They are real grin-inducers!