Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gotta light? How about quilts?

Oooooo  Flamingo lights, and you know how I love a flamingo!
my tree is adorned with adorable flamingos

We walk in several different neighborhoods. This neighborhood has a lot of fun light displays. I'll show you a few.

 Here's a home with a varied display! Statue of Liberty guards a lighted hot air balloon, the Eiffel Tower, a snowman, Cinderella's carriage, peppermints, and  a Big Red Chicken. What! They also have a giraffe, and these...

 Whee! More flamingos AND a cow. Yessssss!  Where is the Poodle? That would be my perfect display, cows, flamingos, and poodles!
Note the Barbie ornament. I got my first Barbie at about age 5 and she had on this suit and those cool stiletto shoes. Oh how I loved my Barbie collection which grew each Christmas. Eventually she dated Ken in that convertible and had her own house. Modern woman with a wasp waist, doing it all in high heels. 
The modern woman before her was my other love, Betty Boop. This is last year's Christmas quilt, and on the tree is...
 One of many Boop ornaments.
And to keep this quilt related...this is my first very first paper piecing quilt made about 1990. I took a class in Tampa with my best friend. We found it a bit challenging at first but once I got the backwards thing, I fell hard for it! 
I hand quilted it with stars and words and metallic threads. Hand quilted. In the day the only metallic available to me was pretty bumpy and hard to manage. I either combined a metallic with a quilting thread through the eye of the needle, or doubled the metallic. I was determined! I even hand quilted a bed quilt completely with it in the same year.
I am still working on free motion quilting the borders of my kaleidoscope and hope to show you by Christmas post or just after. It will be find to hand sew the binding while watching Miss Fisher's Mysteries on disc. I am also trying to make one last Christmas gifts for my men folk today.
I sewed them wrong yesterday and ripped while watching TV last night. Wish me luck.

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  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Gotta love flamingoes, Barbie, Betty Boop, and poodles as tree ornaments.

  2. It is funny how different things can be incorporated into Christmas! There is someone in my neighborhood who had a big blow up purple hippo with a red scarf and hat. Too funny!

  3. Good luck! And a merry Christmas, too!

  4. Love your ornaments! I just didn't have the ooph to do a tree this year.

  5. Love that poodle ornament and the Betty Boop...great tree...hugs and merriest of Christmases to you all (and a treat for Cole) hugs,Julierose

  6. I wish you a Merry Christmas! We're with our daughter to celebrate the holidays. So cosy and relaxing.

  7. I had the pony tail Barbie, too, but I was older. It broke my heart but I stopped playing with dolls when I was 12. I love your Christmas tree! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Give Cole a cookie for me.

  8. I have that same Barbie and the box she came in - a Christmas present when I was 5 or 6. Loved my Barbie and your ornament is adorable. Bet it brings a smile every year when you put it on the tree. Merry Christmas!

  9. Those are some great decorations! I love the Cinderella carriage. Do you still have your original Barbie? I have my case but sadly the Barbie is gone. I think she ran away with GI Joe...LOL! Have a wonderful Christmas! ♥

  10. Lovely decorations and ornaments. I had a Tressy doll: I pushed her bellybutton and pulled her hair down. Then I wound her hair back up with a key in her back. I've been watching Miss Fisher all this year, too. And finally got Rosemary and Thyme recorded. Did you ever watch those?

  11. My fav Christmas decorations....... Flamingos!