Friday, December 25, 2015

Got it done by Christmas, well kind of...

I knew I wanted to make pillow cases for we three for Christmas, and look at that pink poodle fabric I found at Joann's. Hee-hee! OOoo La La! Perfect  for me! And black and white dots! More please.
No really. More please. The workers at Joann's cut to the quarter inch. I hope to leave with the two yards I buy! Well since I prewash and dry, of course it shrunk a lot and I had to finagle all the cases.
Luckily I know how to sew, heh heh.
This is for Drew, our resident guitarist. When I bought it I thought it had guitars on it.
Oh well.
At the store, I looked and looked for companion fabric to make the cuff, but none worked. They were out of white flannel.
 I thought, with such a stash surely I have something to match! Did I ??

It repelled matching. It shook it's flannel head in derision. It said, "you'll find no match mortal"

So I cannibalized the yardage and inserted a piece of white flannel ( I had to piece to make long enough).
We have king sized pillows.
I made it work then turned to my regular stash of dog fabrics to make one for Not Afraid of Color Poodle.
Cole loves a black lab. He has pestered us on every birthday and holiday to buy him a black lab.
I too love a black lab, and had a girl for 10 short years named Chelsea. I miss her so much. Anyway, I thought this would help Cole dream of running with black labs.
Doesn't your dog sleep with a pillow??
I finished his pillow case this evening listening to a book on tape and the rain hitting the window.

We are waiting on the turkey breast for dinner. We made some gingerbread and some pumpkin muffins this morning, some cranberry sauce and some citrus salad traditional in our house. We opened our gifts to each other and Drew played Christmas carols on his guitar from last Christmas! He's improved and learned a lot from last year.

It's raining and getting chilled off a bit.
I sketched or tried to sketch Drew playing the guitar. I'll call it Family, as that's my next prompt.

 Cole played with his three new balls and is done with them. He  broke the squeaker in one already. Luckily a kind blogger told me I can buy new ones at Amazon, so I did and now I just have to repair a few toys.

 Drew asked for a chef's coat for Christmas and he wore it while helping chop vegetables for the pan.

It's been raining for four days now. We can still watch a movie while having a late dinner.
 Soon it will be time to take down the colored lights...

But the really big one in the sky right now, will stay on.
I am starting to write down some of the fabulous connections I made this year. I count you all as blessings.
I almost have next year's word chosen. I will bring along Connections though, as I feel there is more to be learned.


  1. Great pillow cases! Andrew's brother has a "new" family. His stripper girlfriend fiancee has 3 kids, and none of them have any of my pillowcases! LOL. Must rectify that.......

    Yeah, the very Catholic family is not really happy......but that is another story!

  2. I just love the pillow cases. Both Piglet and Mr. Toby slept with pillows. Piglet had a Disney Piglet cute! Mr.Toby just liked his pillow case plain beige..he was just that kinda guy..heeheehee!
    Merry Christmas to the three of you!

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    Warm and cozy Christmas images at your place!
    Sounds tasty too!
    Take care,

  4. Hi LeeAnna,
    Warm and cozy Christmas images at your place!
    Sounds tasty too!
    Take care,

  5. Love the pillow cases, the Family drawing lloks good, I can taste the pumpkins muffins hope you get some sunshine soon.

  6. It sounds like a wonderful day. Merry Christmas, blog buddy!