Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cole's resolutions

Hi Cole here. The temperature may be warm but Christmas came and went and I'm enjoying lots of time with my peeps (servants). Why, look at the lovely new pillowcase Momma made for me! I decided we all needed to take a walk, and where we would go. While driving by one day I spied this guy...
hanging around at my friend Maria's house. I asked where the hooves were that I requested. "Are you lookin' at ME?" I asked. What a stiff! He had no answers for me, so I checked out his little friend...
Pinky, and she had nothing to add... guess the hooves go on the list for next Christmas.
Huh?!? What was that?? Later gator's
Tell Miss Maria hi for me, wish her happy new year and tell her mom I'll be back later to pet her. Gotta go!
Leave my mark on the world!
There, my girl friend Noel will want to read that peemail later. On the walk I met Gimli...
a 7 month old Frenchie. OMD, Momma can I have one? So cute! Check out that fancy wool sweater! Ha!
He is just a little guy and when we did the meeting dance, he walked right under me. My sight she is no like she used to be, so I lost track of him under there and looked around!
when he came out I had my chance for a sniff test. Relax, he's one of the good guys!
When we got him I began to think of my New Year's resolutions... I have it pretty good ya'll so there isn't much I want to change. AND I'm an old dog, and you know what they say... heh heh
Still, change can be good, and one must reach for the tallest limbs and all so here goes...
1. Eat better. This means more for my peeps, hey! Stop buying that tasteless kibble and get me some raw meat up in here! I saw what Easy gets to eat! Which leads me to...
2. stop eating paper. Now this can't happen over night. I likes me some tissues clean out of the tissue feeder. They are all fluffy and pull out one at a time giving a fast poodle time to ingest several before the peeps get in the way. Still, it upsets the momma so I guess I should at least limit them.
3. Work my way back into the good graces of my staff. They no longer trust me out of their sight because of a few Dietary Indiscretions. Okay, there were some dance shoes, some watercolor paintings, some plastic, some toys, well, come to think of it, maybe I should stop now.
4. More walks off leash. I don't think this is gonna happen. I tend to be really good... til I'm not heh heh.
5. More quality naps. Include the Daddy if possible. Maybe write down my dreams.
6. Play more. Daddy needs exercise so I should take him in the back yard more often for a good game of chase me.
7. Pet momma. She says I like Daddy best, and it's just not true. I love her, but she's the one who says no more. Speaking of which...
8. Erase the word "WAIT" from usage. I HATE that word. I get all gung ho, and then hear WAIT! grrrr
I mean I eventually get to do what I want, but have to pause for the staff to do whatever and it's no fun.
9. Be a BIT more obedient. I seem to be losing my hearing on the frequency my momma speaks.... and she seems to think I am less obedient than I used to be. She has to understand I am a full grown, geriatric dog now and I don't need no stinkin leash or to DROP or to COME HERE or to WAIT as much as I used to.
But if it makes her happy I could put it down here. As a GOAL.
10. Go for more car rides in Dad's car, where I can tip my nose out the window and feel the breeze through my naturally curly hair. I mean I ain't gettin' any younger, if not now, when?
(see #8)
That's it, what are you all doing for NYE? Cole


  1. Good Luck with all of that LeeAnna! :)

  2. I love all the positive goals Cole has set for himself and his peeps. Have a Wonderful New Year to all of you.

  3. Well Cole, the big guy told me you stopped by, I'm glad you were able to confront him in person about those hooves! I mean who forgets those!
    I bet those resolutions will keep you busy through out the new year...heeheehee!

  4. Good luck, Cole, keeping those resolutions. Kamikaze and Suki have been trying to train me to give them better kibble. After a half dozen brands they only liked the "junk food" trash. I am making them eat better, against their will!

  5. Success!
    Good thing 2016 has 366 days!

  6. Success!
    Good thing 2016 has 366 days!

  7. Best of luck, Cole; being a geriatric myself I can see where your resolutions are coming from....and your "needs" heh heh. I have a difficult resolution: eat one salad at either lunch or dinner EVERY day--ugh!! I mean food is just so uplifting....hugs from a former poodle Mama--Julierose p.s. love your curly hair!

  8. Mom is babysitting our cousin, Grand-dog Hugeaux. He and McGee are terrified of fireworks so we will be stuck at home taking care of them.
    Love your resolutions, I think I might adopt a few.

  9. You are setting some mighty lofty goals for 2016! You should probably try to stick with not eating paper and stuff like that and we definitely think "wait" is waaay overused at our home too. I love your pillowcase and your new Frenchie friend. Happy New Year!!!

  10. I LOVE that pillowcase! I've been thinking about making a double pillow by sewing two pillowcases side-by-side so Haley has a really soft bed for when we're hanging out in the family room. I thought it would be easy to wash the cases too. The paw print design is adorable!

  11. Best wishes for a splendid New Year! And please cut poor Cole a break. BOL...Snicker...yeah right after I do the same with Sam. :)

  12. My grand dog is becoming reconciled to the new "hairless puppy" his parents brought home. He realizes they aren't sending that puppy back. Heh, heh.
    Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

  13. We wish it was warmer here so we could go outside and play! We hope you have a Happy New Year!

  14. I hope you're successful with your goals! What a nice new pretty pillow case!

  15. Obviously you can hear Cole's thoughts loud and clear. Now only if the reverse were true. Hope 2016 is joyous and prosperous for you and your loved ones.

  16. Even Cole makes resolutions?? Some good ones for sure. Happy New Year!

  17. "As a GOAL."
    You can practically hear the sigh...

  18. Oh Cole!! Love meeting you my friend. Hope I see you again soon. Snorts and oinks! XOXO - Bacon

  19. PepiSmartDog: Happy New Year! Wishing you a great 2016.
    Love your list of ideas - lots of deep thinking there pal. Like your new pillowcase too!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Always enjoy your posts. *waves paw* :=o)