Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oy! Christmas!

I went on a virtual house tour this morning and although it was beautiful it wasn’t my reality.
This is my reality…
the quilt was made long ago from a Linda DeBono pattern. It's full of metallic threads sparking away. 

A little mantel scene, the monk from my word of the year Joy, a snowbaby, a word of course!

My snowbaby collection started one year when my sister sent one thinking I collected them. Well, she started something! I loved this one to remind me of the porch sitting while watching birds.

I should have shown you the bag of unopened Christmas cards to send… sorry, it got away from me this year
The family room tree, with poodle perch. Hey we live here folks!

This is the tree in the entry, a poinsettia DH picked up at an office party for me, sad little red lights without garland. Plant sits in the pink wire flamingo

 a table runner turned sofa ornament,

 my tote bag during the season,

 my purse for the holidays (this is a popular class, great for gifts and do able in a day)
I have made purses for every occasion over the years. I make one each time I teach the original pattern. I still love wearing my art. 

Aside from kitchen towels for the season, which never fail to make me smile, and a couple of hand towels in the powder room, and lights in the trees,  this is our holiday home.  If you want to see fancy, check this out:
Do you all decorate your homes for the holidays?  If you did a blogpost on them make sure you leave the address for us to come see.
Stay tuned for the crazy event we saw in Annapolis this weekend. 


  1. Everything looks so festve and ready for Santa, love the quilted items and great idea to make a purse for each season. Have a very Merry CHristmas Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I love your holiday home. I usually decorate big for the holidays...but for the first time ever, we are NOT hosting Christmas and get to travel to our daughters and she and her family celebrate their First CHristmas in their new minimal decorating this year.

  3. I love your sparkley wall hanging a lot!! I just saw some snowbabies (I'm a bit behind the times with shopping!! ) and I love them--so whimsical and old fashioned. hugs, Julierose

  4. I do love decorating - but my house wouldn't make a magazine layout or house tour either. I decorate with the things I like. No real theme, but I do like to display the Christmasy quilts and table runners every year. This year I didn't set up the 2nd tree because we need the space for people instead when the kids and grandkids arrive after Christmas. And that's OK.

  5. looks alot like Christmas at your home! i have a noble fir filled with ornaments hand made by me. Add two great PNW pine wreaths to fill the deck with that forest fragrance i love. white lights on the tree.white lights along the deck rail and another strug along kitchen ceiling. up all year, used often .

  6. Your home looks so nice! I love how many handmade things you'rve shown in use. I've mustered the tree onto a table, and plugged it in. It's close enough that it may suffice. I'll just say it's Minimalist style, right?

  7. Do I decorate for Christmas? You bet I do! It's a lot of work, but I Iove the results and wish I could share it with even more people. If you follow my blog you know that I put up two big trees, one all silver, gold and white in the living room and my Santa tree in the family and little touches all over the house, including the bathroom. I LOVED the link that you sent us to. And I loved seeing what you do, too.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. I did decorate, but not very much as my cat likes to take down all kinds of decorations :) thanks for sharing your holiday jolly!

  9. Looks very Christmassy indeed!
    Thanks for the tour!

  10. Well this is a great post for putting us in the Christmas spirit - you can't beat a nice bit of tinsel and some lights. Happy holidays, LeeAnna.

  11. What a fun idea to show all your Christmas decorations for a post. I'll have to try to remember that for next year since Pooch Smooches is signing off for the rest of the year!

    It looks very festive! (Love the wire flamingo and the flamingo card on the mantel!) My sis is really into flamingos. I think she needs a pink tree to go with them all!

  12. I didn't get my Christmas cards done this year either. I had a work trip in the middle of the decoration preparation and somehow still feel behind though I got mine and my mum's white christmas tree decorated in one evening!I love your pink flamingo!

  13. LeeAnn you continue to surprise me with all of your creativity. I took time today to look around at your blog and I want to thank you for the fun links and patters here. I have followed you for some time now - love the cows! You must sew like a fiend! Merry Christmas - you feel like a friend - enjoy the holidays.

  14. I love all your cheery Christmas decorations. You and I have matching pink trees ;-)

  15. As always, so beautiful! I'm in awe (and soo very jealous of your talent)