Thursday, December 25, 2014

WWBBD (what would Betty Boop do?)

"Jiggle my Globe!" 2014  12" X 12"
 This is hot off the presses! I love vintage 40's and 50's items, and Betty Boop in particular. I put a video of her cleaning house under the just plain silly label. As I was making the 6 inch globe quilts I kept this little scrap of her for me. Originally planned to be 6 inches, I decided the vintage fabric here

would be perfect, and as I cut it, and positioned it, the piece grew til it grew up to be 12 inch square.
I like leaving Betty with no background, just the globe  (two layers of tulle with gold metallic stars) and halogram sliver thread around it.

I can't make blogger work today so let's be satified with these pictures in this placement! Some days...
I free motion quilted with mylar thread, did a machine binding with a couched thread and a row of satin stitch. Added crystals, hope you can see them if you click on images to enlarge them. Little santa made his way into the picture too. I think all my snowglobes are done for this year. Many have flown around the world making their way to friends. I kept some as I've fallen in love with them.
There is another Betty quilt here called..It's not tacky it's Kitsch
Want more fun? Keep scrolling down and read about this Christmas season's adventures! Come on...


  1. It is beautiful! Merry Christmas from the Bassets to Cole, their favorite Poodle friend!

  2. Happy Boxing Day!
    This one looks gorgeous and fun too! Fun to see how projects grow! 12 inches suits this one! Glad you kept a few snow globes for yourself!
    Take care,

  3. Betty came out great! I'm glad that you made a fabulous one for yourself. Our Pug Globe is hanging on our refrigerator! The Pug Boys hope that Cole had a great Christmas. They have a gift card from PetCo to spend, and they're anxious to go!

  4. Betty turned out just lovely, LeeAnna! Such great fabrics. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Betty Boop looks amazing! Love all the fabrics that you incorporated...... and the Santa looks marvelous on there!

  6. Just fantastic cute! Have some great days this Christmas!

  7. When I saw the thumbnail photo I knew this was yours! Love Betty! And I made that weaver fever back in the 80's too - I've had it on my wall for far to long and finally put it away last month. Great pattern

  8. Betty Boop was just made for a snow globe. She is perfect, just perfect! Pat

  9. Sweet sweet Betty! Lovely work!

  10. How did I miss this one last year!!!??? Well, THAT is why TUesday Archives is this one is an original and ya know I love your style!!

  11. What a cute way to feature Betty Boop, in her own snow globe. Love it Lee Anna!