Monday, December 8, 2014

Cole the elf supervises decorations

 Hi, Cole here for Mischief Monday (Mischievous pet link party)  My people found some Christmas spirit this weekend and changed up the house. They seem happy with the changes, and as I always say, a "happy parent is a good parent"  Now... that hat... I don't remember asking for a's pulling on my ears and mashing down my naturally curly hair. It might be worth it though because the mommy seems very smiley.
There was a Hallmark movie on, and suddenly Daddy is playing with a tree.

For inside the house, one I am definitely not allowed to pee on. And all the tempting little dangling bits are absolutely not for playing with or eating.
All you pups out there take note.

You don't want to anger the mommy.

Then we moved the party outside, to play poodle games!!! 
 Er, maybe not. What's this?? The daddy doesn't seem pleased... maybe I can help. Poodles are VERY smart, if only their people learned to listen to them. I tell you all, I have been trying to train my people for years and they still don't know what to sniff, the value of smelling a butt or when to jump on someone.
 Now how did THIS happen??
 I tried to entice them into the yard where there were lots of tempting branches to throw fetch and play "chase me" or as the mommy calls it "Cole! Stop eating that stick"
Mommy came out for a hot minute, but Daddy got all up in the tree, wish I could do that cause then those pesky squirrels would be toast.
They both were very interested in that tree and the lights.

I'll just rest a moment, but I'm ready to jump up and play if they ever stop fussing with those lights.

After they finished we piled in the car and drove to another neighborhood for a walk.

We found an ADVENTURE y'all! That's a story for another day.

When we got home we saw how pretty the house looked! Don't you love lights? My people do.

Note to other pet friends, if your people find joy in anything, go with it. A happy person often gives good treats and pets. Love Cole


  1. Cole, my mom won't put up a tree because dad swears McGee will eat the ornaments. We supervised the lights in the front of the house though.

    Humans are kinda funny with these things, ya know! But they must be happy because we ALL got treats! (I stole Chloe's and got two, ha ha!)

  2. We love Christmas time because our mom always brings a brand new green toy hanger into the living room. She sometimes gets upset when we take the new toys outside and play with them, but they always look so fun!

  3. Love Cole's scarf! What a jaunty guy!

  4. What fun! Too bad you didn't get to go up and meet those squirrels on their home turf! I know what I'LL be dreaming about tonight!

  5. Cole looks great in his Christmas scarf.

  6. Cole, you really need a santa beard with that hat!

  7. Hi LeeAnna,
    Looks so Chritmassy and fun was had by all!
    Love the lights!
    Take care,

  8. Cole, I love your Christmas lights. So bright and colorful!

  9. You sure are a great supervisor!

  10. I think the hat is adorable. Harley won't let me come near him with a hat!

  11. I love Christmas lights - they make me feel so cheerful. Yours are lovely.

  12. What a fun sense of humor! Of course poodles are noted for that. LOL How handsome in his Christmas finery Cole looks!