Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lights, camera, action!

And a one, and a two, everybody now!!! 

So here are a few more Christmas decorations for your viewing pleasure... Of course more flamingos. One might think we're in Florida!
So looks like Santa has either been hitting the hooch again, or fallen on hard times.Maybe the flamingo is going to place those lights on Santa. Poor Santa.
Or is he?? Maybe he's just camping out, roasting a few marshmallows and resting up...

  I don't know what set off these reindeer. They obviously aren't happy with their working conditions. They seem mad and not going to take it anymore! 
You know how people have geese out front year round? This person has a Heron. So naturally the heron is decorated as Rudolph for the holidays. Check out the nose. And refer to the pic above, Heron, as you may not enjoy the masquerade. 
This person seems to decorate with a real sailboat. When you have a sailboat in the front yard, might as well light 'er up!

This might be one of my favorites this year. Whether it's a flamingo, a heron, a sailboat or a gargoyle, might as well show some spirit and decorate it! Hey, gargoyles are ALL about the Christmas spirit!


  1. I have never seen the flamingos before you put them up the other day. Odd choice for xmas......

  2. odd but for a flamingo lover, oddly wonderful!

  3. Oh thanks for the smiles!!! I am having a bah humbug kind of day!

  4. A gargoyle in a Santa hat...something you don't see every day.

  5. Can't get enough of the flamingos ... I am a flamingo lover too! The gargoyle is

  6. Christmas fun! What a sense of humour!

  7. We are huge lights fans here and I just love those flamingos!!!