Monday, December 22, 2014

Holly Jolly house tour

Yeah, yeah, yeah, merry Christmas... may your bowl never be empty, may you have fun mates to play with, may you have a soft place to sleep when tired, -Cole

 Because of less than stellar behavior, Cole is baby gated into the living room when we leave the house.
Second childhood or something.
This is his view while reclining on his sofa. This and the bay window turned to the squirrel channel.

I adore this little pink tree. I added some garland from Crate and Barrel  of crystals this year and now all our Christmas cards are under it.

 It is the first thing, other than clutter I see when I come in the door.

I found this little diary mid year and thought I would put it in my purse and use it. No, too good to use. Then you use it up.

note to self: you're worth it.

Anyway, it won't get tossed, as the year doesn't matter to me. I will use it as a little special notebook. I'm in love with the graphic.

We have a small house with a white tree in the family room,

I collect ornaments on all travels and whenever I find a great one. I am lucky to have quite a collection at this point, some of which stay up all year (cow in cowboy boots) Note the ballerina pig. I have ballerinas in cows, pigs, people, flamingos, because I studied the ballet as an adult for MANY years. I loved it but wasn't particularly built for it.
So what! I love dance.
Too many injuries to do it now but I fondly remember hour after hour in pink tights.

Check out one of the poodle ornaments...  
 Look familiar...??


  1. Oh our white tree is just beautiful!! Our dogs crack me up....such hams are they!!!

  2. I don't write often but I wanted you to know I really enjoy your blog, especially Cole stories! We had a standard poodle,black of course, for many years and we still miss her...and now my Old English sheepdogs are getting really old (9&12!) and I try to just live in the moment instead of worrying about when I'll lose them. By the way, my older daughter collects poodles and my younger collects pigs. Kindred souls.

  3. Lee Anna, Loved your post and your holly jolly quilt is precious! I love your trees.. and Cole is darling too! Thanks for sharing and I finally got to subscribe! Yahoo :) Kathi

  4. Hi LeeAnna,
    Great photo's! Great decor! A great collection! What a joy to see!
    Love Cole's Christmas card!
    Take care,

  5. Hi Y'all!

    Love your decorations! Have a happy, healthy and very Merry Christmas!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. I'm so glad I found your blog... your pictures bring a smile to my downtrodden spirit! I've done no holiday decorating this year, and the house feels so sad without it. I'm totally fed up with being sick this week, so I'm willing myself well tonight. I had to go to Costco today (what an absolute, total zoo...) so on the way home, I rewarded myself with a Starbuck's Java Chip Frappuccino and a couple of their bodacious chocolate chip cookies, and have managed to perk myself up considerably. I've decided my word for next year will be "health". Goddess knows I need some...

  7. Cole, you look so festive with that Holly Jolly quilt behind you. I love your white tree and I have a pink tree just like whimsical!
    I don't blame you for saving that cutsie poodle diary, way too cute to use!

  8. Beautiful tree photos! I was told my behavior today was also less than stellar... :/
    P.S. - I am very excited about the quilt! :D

  9. Merry Christmas and blessings to you in the New Year - WOOF!