Monday, December 22, 2014

Of COURSE we're going to the mall

Quit pushing and shoving!!
There's enough to go around! Sheesh! You'd think it was Christmas or something!

Whew! We went to the mall and found a parking place! Yea! An omen!

And yep, it was fun y'all. Not a nightmare, but fun! We were together and mostly able to walk side by side holding hands. We visited the Clinique counter for my purchase and free gift! I even noticed the giftwrap on the counter and asked them to wrap it for me. It won't be a surprise but it will be sparkly until Christmas morning.

This is a gratuitous picture of a Jack Russel for my friend Val here!
You can find this pillow at Pottery Barn. I would like to just move in, close the doors to the shoppers and move in. It's so pretty and would be way too large scale for our house. We purchased some more snacks from Hickory Farms and some Teavana specialty teas for the holidays.
While at Macy's we saw this yarn ball tree.

What!?! Any knitters out there, want to come make a pair of tree socks?
We also went to JoAnn Fabrics... and stood in that blankety blank line for this...

 Hee hee, goes great with my collection, aaaaaand the freshly purchased Featherweight Sewing machine bought from a neighbor. I'll just make a whole post out of that baby soon.
For once I thought of a great gift for Drew, (more later) so we are  recreationally shopping at this point !

For now, put your feet up, have a teacup poodle
for sale on ebay here not by me

and a piece of pie     (read that post HERE)

and enjoy all the fun.



  1. Your trip shopping sounds much nicer than mine. The little teacup with the poodle is very cute.

  2. Whatever are you giving Drew? I'm in suspense. I couldn't think of anything for my husband, so I gave up and ordered a matchbox car in the exact model of the car he bought last month - which we decided was our Christmas gift to each other. He got a car with A/C and I don't have to ever ride in the smelly old little truck again. Win/win.

  3. So nice to have a stress-free Christmas shopping expedition. I shall have to brave the supermarket tomorrow for some last-minute food items, and I'm expecting it to take longer to check out than to collect the items!

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    The Mall! How brave of you both! Sounded like loads of fun though!
    Good for you! Getting your own gifts wrapped! More should do that too!
    You've got a Featherweight! Congratulations! Looking forward to that post!
    Love that pin cushion and tree! And to end the day off seeing all those pieces of pie!
    Take care,

  5. I enjoyed your shopping trip.. Thanks for sharing! I love going to the mall.. The spending part can get dangerous.. Lol
    I have that same pincushion ( in a different fabric pattern ) and LOVE it!!!!

  6. I have two more presents to get......a Home Depot Card for son in law, and something for his mom. I am usually DONE in October. This year is a blah year, I guess.

    Daughter and SIL will have dinner with us on Xmas Eve and then head to his parents on Xmas Day. I hope Frank gets me those Carlos Santana Boots......That would make Christmas SOOOOO much better! LOL

  7. I want to hear more about that Featherweight! Merry Christmas!

  8. Oh I might have to go one line and order that pillow!!! Jackson would probably hog it...but I love it!! Thanks for thinking of us!! And so good to know I'm not the only one who just wants to move into a pottery barn!! LOL!!! Love that yarn ball tree fun!