Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday night lights

I'm happy to announce an increase by at least two homes, of Flamingo Lights this year.
Yea! Keep it up! Want to see some Christmas lights?? We LOVE lights around here. This particular yard had quite a menagerie. Giraffe, bear, dinosaur, igloo with penquin, and more.
They also had a cow, causing me to ponder if I should knock on the door, and meet a person who invests in both flamingo and cow lights.

Of course the cow had a bit too much of the Christmas spirits. Nothing sadder than a drunk cow.

Cole has shown interest in large animal lights like deer. This one didn't phase him. I had to bribe him with treats to get him to walk up and pose.

Doesn't smell like much to me...
This house had two dogs lit up, and this one looked particularly Poodle-ish.

Again, Cole wasn't interested...

(Cole: oy! mommy has stopped again. She keeps stopping when there is absolutely nothing worth sniffing or chasing, and pointing the camera.
If I could only train her to stop when I tell her to)

Uh oh!
Snowman down! Snowman down!
Another senseless killing due to global warming. Wasn't it just yesterday we had a snowfall?? Life goes by so quickly, then one day your carrot nose falls off and it's downhill after that.
I liked this tree. Small, twiggy and bare, but wearing the best in ornaments for the season. One must update their wardrobe each season, you know.
So while we were walking in this neighborhood one early evening, we hear sirens. Not your grandmother's sirens, a LOT of them and increasingly close by... We three began to nervously look around. Then the natives of the neighborhood began to run amok. Kids swarming. And here came about 8 (!) emergency vehicles including a fire engine with santa and the missus on it!! Throwing candy to the kids! Cole couldn't decide whether to wait around and see if there would be liver treats too or run for the hills as his hearing is better than ours. We ran!
More lights tomorrow, as I've gathered quite a collection to show you... but for now I'll end with Santa,
A shell of his former self. Gosh I hope this is only one of Santa's helpers and not the big guy! Looks like he missed the chimney and had a great fall.
One might think Rudolph would stick around to help... can't get good help these days


  1. To funny! We walk by a rudolf a lot and summer is afraid of it :-)
    I love that snow globe idea in your last post! I should pin that to make next year. Great way to play with all those novelties in my stash. Thank you :-)

  2. Great pictures! I just love those Christmas flamingo's!

  3. I'm still laughing! You are too funny! Yes, you must meet the poodle/cow owner; a kindred spirit for sure.

  4. I love those first flamingoes!! But I will pass on the cow :/

  5. Grrr! This is th 4th time I have tried to send a comment......I love your line " snowman down!!"

    Tell Cole that McGee pees on the lights, we think he may shock himself one day!

  6. Hi LeeAnna!
    Thanks for the light tour! Great to see creative lighting on your walking tour!
    Love your comment about buttons!
    Take care,

  7. How fun. Obviously I live in the wrong area of the country as flamingo lights are new to me. :-)

  8. My favorite display ever was one that had an inflatable Santa and snowman. The snowman had a large candy cane in his hand, and Santa was having difficultly staying inflated. It looked like Frosty had attacked Santa. I'm sure it wasn't the intent, but the kids and I giggled every time we drove past.

    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  9. Hi Y'all!

    Love the decorations!

    Merry Christmas!
    Hawk aka BrownDog