Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Time and Again" home again

"Time and Again"  18" X 18"  (c) 2014
  "Time and Again"  just came home!  (please click on the pictures to enlarge them for details)
This started as a challenge from Artistic Artifacts and traveled for a couple years. We were given a packet of laces and asked to interpret the phrase Art and old lace.

I loved making an abstract interpretation in mixed media. There was a larger piece of eyelet with bobbles and a beautiful edge. I started with that.
To the eyelet fabric I added spirals cut from this gauzy gold metallic fabric shown below.
Pretty isn't it? I've used it in several projects.

 I cut out and appliqued the spirals onto the eyelet and using YLI gold thread  and free motion quilted it in place with lots of spirals on top of the transparent gold fabric.

I bordered it on the sides with some of my fave gold spiral on white fabric, also used in several quilts. 

 Are you wondering what the gold strips are in the center??
They are embossed paper from the scrapbooking section.

 I sliced some with a straight edge and some with a beveled edge in different widths.

You can't hurry this part of the process, the composition. Moving the pieces around until they felt balanced and exciting, mixing the textures of gold and white paper took a moment.
 I treated the paper like fabric, and appliqued it into place with my walking foot, straight stitch and the gold threads.

The whole piece is on interfacing instead of batting. The dual purpose is to support the paper, and give the 18 inch square piece some body.  It has a fabric back.

Note the pretty lace edge... I had to turn under the backing around the stabilizer then top stitch above the free hanging edge. The borders needed to be faced individually as they are next to but not a part of the free standing edge. It's all sturdy, with tidy finished edges.

the gold fabric again, yum!

 The words are also from the scrap booking section, and I sewed them on by puncturing holes in the cardboard, then stitching over with gold thread. 

  The little lace heart motif was carefully cut out of another piece of lace, appliqued on the paper and a pearl added.

The whole thing is white, cream and gold. Inspired by the laces and title. It's hanging in the hall, on the little quilt hanger I use for quilts I change out frequently.


  1. Hi LeeAnna!
    Gorgeous! Looks great for the winter months!
    What fine detail!
    Cute teapot too!
    Take care,

  2. Just lovely! I'm surprised that the paper stitched onto the fabric so well . This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities :-)

  3. Just wanted to compliment you on this gorgeous little collage. I needed some inspiration to get going again and this did it. Thanks!

  4. Delightful. Very old fashioned and right on theme.
    Love the hanger.

  5. How wonderful it is! I love what you did with it all those wonderful laces.

  6. So beautiful. Must be fun having it home. And I love your quilt hanger.

  7. So beautiful - I really love visiting your blog. :) The papers work very nicely with the eyelet and laces.

  8. Lots of ingenuity here Lee Anna, its lovely

  9. Perfect colours for this time of year and so interesting to be walked through your process.

  10. I can't say enough about the regal beauty of this project...OR your courage in using paper along with fabric. Such artistry. This made my day.

  11. You are so adventurous using paper in your project. I love the way you have used scraps of lace for their own sake, and used the fine net to bring them all together. The result is beautiful and serene.

  12. Gorgeous! Really creative!
    Thanks for sharing it in my linky party! :)