Monday, December 15, 2014

Frosted Poodles

 Cole here, for Monday Mischief...
We had the first snowfall last week and I got all kind of happy about it. Snow is fun y'all! It started coming down like crazy on the walk.
What?? Oh my paws! Mom wants me to wear this hat and scarf combo. I hope none of my dog friends sees this.
She seems to like it, so I figure I can pull her along wearing anything she likes. We were no sooner off the driveway before

A squirrel falls hard right on the sidewalk in front of us! Mom squeaked! I was stunned! I've never had the universe supply one right in front of me, a mere poodle length away! I may be aging but I'm always up for a squirrel romp.
 Almost as soon as it landed it scurried under the bushes along the sidewalk. I'm fast but it was cartoon-squirrel fast.

Gone gone gone.

It was right here...

Well, it's still snowing, and a friend might be out to play with so might as well keep walking says I.
Uh oh, where is that silly hat? Oh around my neck... The snow is collecting on the ground but too slowly to roll in, and my hair is getting wet, and I'm done with all my business and no friends are out. Grrrr.

 Might as well pull the mommy home, dry off, drink some water, eat to keep up my fat stores and curl up on a good sofa for a nap.
LeeAnna here, just to keep this about mischief... last night Cole went up to bed earlier than me. I gathered his bedtime treats, bowl of food, my stuff, turned off the lights and went up the stairs. YIKES! There he was in all his black coated stealth, at the head of the stairs waiting for me. I didn't so much as see him as hear a tiny licking noise and almost fell backwards down the stairs! Angels saved me. He was all, "what's the treat tonight mom? and what's in the bowl?" That was close, but a Christmas miracle happened and you can bet I'll be checking out the head of the stairs before I go up from now on. LeeAnna


  1. Nightlight on the stairs would be good or a LED collar for Cole. He looks good with a light frosting of snow. Too bad about the squirrel.

  2. Just seeing this picture made me smile this morning :)

  3. We've taken the Poodles to the mountains (where we keep our snow) and they will barely leave the car. Yes, we are wimps in winter.

  4. I have a black dog who loves to be wherever I'm going to step next. I have learned to always be aware for black dogs lurking in the dark! Glad you and the angels averted a nasty fall!

  5. Hi LeeAnna!
    Good to hear you're all right! And all in one piece!
    Take care, really!

  6. Your matching hat and scarf are to adorable!

  7. I love your posts Cole!! (And tell mom her little fabric pies looked yummy!!)

  8. Cole, I love your hat and scarf. Wow, glad that angel had your back...

  9. Those squirrels... so elusive! Next time! :)

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