Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What does he want?

What does he want? What? He stares at me often now. He wants something and believe me, I'd love to give it to him. The staring is driving me bonkers. He has eaten, he has water, he's been out, he's played with toys dumping out his toy basket. He has a cute quilted bed.

Does he have ennui? Is it Spring fever? Does his head hurt as much as mine does from the pollen? If so I wish I could relieve both of us!

I have heard people say they wish they knew what their pets were thinking.("this is an amusing little cookie, not as good as the bunny poop but better than kibble)(this place is a dump)(open the door, let me in, let me out, let me in, let me out...)

 I usually know or think I do. My husband will ask me, "what does he want?" Poodle turns to look at me, send his desires telepathically and I interpret. After I finish speaking he turns back to DH to carry these out. This process has worked for us for years. Today, with just the two of us here, I don't know what he wants.

 Wait, maybe I do.       He wants... something.     Something undefinable.
So do I.
We both will settle for a walk. In the pollen-laden air.  
I have a splitting headache and am missing deadlines right and left. I should be sewing. Just to give you another clue as to the state of my challenge, this was what I made yesterday:

I made this free-form willy-nilly using  my beloved scraps.

Just working in these colors is awesome.

Then I tried being a bit more, orderly and made this
And I dragged out many fabrics to be unfurled, placed under the components already made on the design wall.     The process.
 Place, pin, stand back, reject, refold, unfold another, place, pin, stand back, reject...

 A friend of mine once said, "I thought you artists just knew what to do"


(Feel free to tell me what Cole wants)
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  1. Is is possible that Cole is just basking in adoration for you, his Goddess? Failing that, another cookie always works...

    Pugs and kisses,
    Nancy, Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug
    P.S. I translate for my husband too. I speak Pug fluently.

  2. Also, please let Cole know that I am coveting his purple and lime green leopard blanket.

  3. ha! I'm just the bad nanny in his eyes. And the one he turns to when he is sick or hurt. LA

  4. Maybe he wants you to give him a brother or sister, or even just a hot date! It IS spring after all, and a young man's fancy...

  5. SOmetimes I think they do get spring fever...Jackson ran around the house like such a wild crazy dog...he ran into the couch!! LOL!! We went for a walk too!!!

  6. Well, if Cole is like Mindy, he simply wants you to stop whatever you are doing and pay complete attention to him .... ALL THE TIME! Poodles are smart, but they are also working dogs and they need a job all the time or they get into trouble, stare at you, or like mine whine at you out of boredom. We've done two walks today and still she's looking like she want something ... what that is, who knows. If she's so darn smart, how come she hasn't learned to speak English yet, huh??? Pat


    1. I know, right??
      Usually I sense what it is, but not today. Makes me think he doesn't know what he wants. When I don't know what I want I eat something.

    2. Oh that's what Mindy does ... eat something. That's what the whining is about. Feed me! But not real food ... nooooo ... feed me cookies :-|

  7. My dog - always wants food. He's got an amazing inner clock. BUT MOM is it is 6:45 am. You're supposed to be leaving now, where's my treat??

    He gets in my way, sits and stares. If I move, he gets in my way again and sits and stares. lol, dogs.

    Sorry you're not feeling so great - hope it clears up soon!

  8. Maybe Poodle's trying to figure you out? Ha, ha! Your designs look fresh and fun. Looking forward to seeing what comes of those!

  9. They tell us so much with their eyes and their body language, don't they.! Love your pineapple blocks, especially the first one.

  10. He wants what we all do; his youth back.

  11. My pomeranian does that to me some days too. Doesn't matter what I do or give him he will just sit/lay there and stare at me.

  12. Cole are giving mommy the stink eye?

  13. Maybe he wants a snuggle? Does he cock his head from side to side like my beloved puggie used to do?

    I like the willy-nilly pineapple better, not sure if it's the more rounded shape or that most excellent squared spiral fabric at the bottom, or just the idea of a willy-nilly pineapple!