Saturday, April 5, 2014

purple fits right in

It's purple month over at super scrappy and the link party is in full swing just click here!

We are encouraged to try out different blocks using our scraps in different colors each month. I decided to make the same block, developed by one of my hive-mates, in each colorway then try and make them into a whole quilt at the end of the year.Right now I am making four of each color.

It's fun to look through my scraps, to combine them in small amounts, then to see them in different arrangements. I took photos of them placed in different ways, together and apart,turned this way and that.
The original pattern calls for each block to be surrounded with the little black line but I don't know what I'll do after all the colors are made.

Here are the colors,
April- purple
March- teal
Feb- pinks
Jan- blue

They are all smooshed together here, and
I like it!

Here they are pulled apart a bit...

Just fun sewing on a Spring day. Next on the agenda is grooming Cole, a not so fun but necessary task.

DH got a haircut, so he told Cole it's haircut day.

Mine remains the same. Until I can find a haircut that will make me look younger and thinner, I'm just keeping it.

Next on the sewing agenda is, well, just know I am excited about it! I'll show you later, gator.


  1. Great choice for a block...very flexible. And scrappy. It's going to look spectacular when it goes full spectrum.

  2. This just gets prettier and it!

  3. They look like stained glass windows. This is going to look awesome in December..

  4. Very stained glass! I love stained glass which means I love this :)

  5. These are terrific blocks. This shows how well black works in setting off the colours, and pulling them to the fore. I love how these are working together.

  6. Hi LeeAnna!
    I like it too!
    That's going to look great come December!
    Take care,

  7. Each set of the scrappy blocks is prettier than the next. I really like the pattern that you are using. I agree with the others that they look like stained glass, or even a bit Mondrian.

  8. A perfect example of when the sum is more beautiful than the parts. Looks fantastic!

  9. They remind me of stained glass windows! Beautiful blocks.

  10. Love your blocks! They look awesome! Thank you for linking to my C.R.A.F.T.S. linky party this weekend.

  11. They really do look like stained glass- so vibrant!

  12. Wonderful color!! Amazing what one can do with those scraps!

  13. That will have a stained glass effect--nice idea.

  14. Oh, my goodness, is this wonderful! The colors are fabulous. I can't wait to see how you end up putting the blocks together!