Sunday, April 20, 2014

Purple Post

 This is my weekly purple offering to the soscrappy QAL color challenge. All month, quilters around the world are making purple blocks. See her blog (HERE!)
 I did one post on purple (See it Here!) with the block I plan to do monthly in each month's color scheme.

This weekend I decided to make the block from quilt doodles (link is here!) but in purples. I have done her other blocks and plan to quilt as you go by sections. The strip of stars goes across the whole quilt size 6.5"  X 58.5"
I also printed out a paper piecing block from SewPrecise software, to use a few purple bits. This block finishes at 6 inches as well.

Just for fun I took pics both ways and am not sure how I might want them set. I kind of like the on point look. It's fun to use scraps, to make something from nothing, and to see color emerging.

I might be focusing on purple but I can not stay to one color family completely. I shaded it to blue and to red violet just to keep me interested.

Check out that black and white scrap of body parts! Bwaa-ha-ha!

tomorrow, the Easter pics of Annapolis


  1. Wow, those purple stars with the b&w are gorgeous! And the body parts fabric is super sweet!

  2. Wow, cool!! I always lean toward square, but on point is awesome too. :)

  3. I'm not a purple person, but your blocks just shine! Love the stars with the white and black background.

  4. Starry Starry Night.....Hi LeeAnna!
    Looks great!
    Take care,

  5. I really like the fabrics you're working with- the background makes the purples pop. I'm very drawn to the block set on point as in the first photo...