Tuesday, April 8, 2014

connections: whales, people, dophins to people

As you might know, I have been interested in connections for over a year now. Actually,  much much longer, but for the last year and a half I have actively been discussing them, making quilts for my connection project,(see this page for the scoop) and listening to people tell me  their connection stories.

 The first video is of the connection between whales. The baby rests on the mommy, she takes care to protect her baby. If it doesn't open on your reading devise: link to youtube
So for today, no sewing, just a few touching, connection stories on video. Please enjoy.
This one is such a good example of parenting, and teaching a child that they are connected to others and it's a good thing to feel empathy for others. We are never too young to feel connected to others. link to youtube
The next video is the connection between dolphins and people.
You can watch these right from my blog or go to youtube to see them. click
Love makes the world a better place. Think about what the word "connection" means to you, and...
Sewing is good too! Sew Chat again tomorrow.

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  1. All three so worth watching .. thank you! I especially love the little girl getting her hair cut. The dolls first, then the haircut, then packing it up ... such good parenting and a very special lesson for that little girl. She definitely learned she can have a connection and make a difference even at such a young age.

    Of course I love the animal ones too. Makes me realize I need to add whale watching to my bucket list. And dolphins! WOW .. they definitely have a connection to humans. Pat