Monday, April 28, 2014

Pink is back!

It's all about pink for me right now! I thought since I love color, and flowers, and art I would share some of the inspiration I find in pink. I used to buy into the idea that pink was for little girls. Either I am still a little girl inside or I finally got old enough not to care what some people think! I love pink! I used to study ballet, so I even miss ballet pink, tights in a delicate pink that allowed me to lift my legs into a split while leaping through the air.
One of our neighbors planted these little flowers one year and now I get to enjoy the burst of hot pink every Spring. I planted some that promptly died.

There is a color quiz here (just for fun! ) and among other things says about the person who enjoys pink:
"You are friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to" I'll take that.

 Color vibrates on a wavelength, similar to  music.

People are drawn to certain colors and that attraction can change according to your needs at the moment.

 I love most pure colors. I'm a bit hard to pin down on a quiz. I am totally drawn to yellow and coral, I work mostly in blue/green/aqua, I'm drawn to all white kitchens, aqua appliances, red objects and  I look good in black clothes. I spent some time exploring neutrals last year. Lime green resonates at a fabulous wavelength. Mr. Walks-With-Poodle is an electrical engineer and has studied color at it's "molecular" (my words) level but I just like to look at it.
Back to this day's color study. These little watering cans were sitting out on a wall:
One might as well enjoy the process, right?

Make a party out of every day life!

Now I want one. I like everyday objects that make me laugh. Hmmm, that 5 year old me is still alive inside!

The cherry trees are awesome right now!

Just look at those blossoms! I am so inspired by color. Note, they are pink.
Pink, but not just pink. They have brownish green leaves with hints of yellow, to  support  the star of the show. The brown trunk also sets off pink. Within each blossom is a range of white to light ballet tights pink, to dark pink. That robins egg blue sky helps by creating a background.

Do any of you that work with fabric to make art, see nature as colors you would work with in the studio?
I will look at the sky and think of painting it, what colors I would choose, how they would blend, the influence they would have on each other as colors change according to ones they are next to.
I'll leave you with this little one exploring her world. She is obviously new, as a big poodle lives in this yard. One that enjoys the thrill of the chase. 

So tell me...What kind of pink resonates with you?
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  1. I love coral and salmon pinks myself. Love those blossoms. :)

  2. Hi LeeAnna!
    Nature doesn't get colour combinations wrong! If it grows, then use that influence when creating a quilt, fabric art or whatever your heart decides to make!
    Thanks for talking Pink! Pink like in your first photo's! The pink that pops! I've been using it more too! My picnic quilt for example! Looking forward to using more pinks in upcoming projects! Cheery and fun!
    Great photo's of the cherry trees!
    I'll check out your color quiz soon!
    Take care,

  3. Hi Lee Anna not only are your quilts full of stunning colour but your garden too. SO lovely to see your garden in spring. I have found the older I get the more pinks I wear, when I was a child I loved it so much I even painted my house roofs pink and was told by my teacher have you ever seen a pink house and I replied yes in spain????? I had lots of family that travelled over seas as we called it and many photo's from over seas that had pink houses walls and roofs too, My teacher was not impressed and thought I was been cheeky and smart???? In those days all NZ house where painted white and roofs were green?????? SO thanks for the old memories you just gave me and the story of pink. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  4. Hi! I love the yellow in the middle of those pink flowers. Now who would think to wear yellow right next to pink like that? I tend to like blue, but I recently heard us older women (me, not you Lee Anna) should use bright pink blush and lipstick to make us look more alive ... not those deep reds that old ladies seem to splash on always a little crooked. I haven't been out to put down my money and purchase that bright pink blush yet, but maybe I should ... I can see from that flower that it will go nicely with my old and somewhat yellowed teeth ... lol! Pat (hmmm ... I guess I'm feeling my age today, huh?)

  5. I'm a pink girl myself. Love, love, love pink. In fact, your blog post may have motivated me to buy that pink featherweight on eBay...

    Thanks for sharing all the pink flowers, we are quite behind in the blooming department here.
    Pugs and kisses,

  6. I'm a pink girl too! Love that bunny photo!

  7. I love hot pink! My friends mum has painted her living room hot pink with dark furniture and it is fabulous. I'd love to do it but have been vetoed in our house!

    Love the cherry blossom pics!

  8. I like pink, pretty much the whole spectrum of it. I recently came out of an orange phase. After reading the description, it does not describe I'm now in kind of an aqua/turquoise phase, but according to the personality traits I love public speaking, which is a horrifying thought to me...

  9. I love pink, the color of cotton candy is a favorite

  10. pink is such a fun color. My favorite is bright, bubblegum pink!

    Thank you so much for partying at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation