Thursday, November 28, 2013

I could eat...

We are three for dinner. Even though our family is small, we planned a traditional meal of turkey breast, roasted vegetables, zucchini casserole, home made cranberry sauce, citrus salad I always had as a child, and some pie.
Cole is having some white fish, and green beans in his kibble. He is highly allergic to turkey, so he has to smell it all day with his trained poodle nose, and then eat fish.

I made citrus salad last night. I grew up in Florida, with lots of oranges and grapefruits because my father worked in the industry. I took them for granted, as you will in times of plenty, but up here in the North a grapefruit costs the better part of a dollar a piece. I section grapefruits and navel oranges, mix in fresh pineapple, coconut, bananas, and maraschino cherries.
The whole time I am peeling the fruit, I'm thinking, don't cut your hand.... like a mantra. I got to the last orange before I cut my hand. Not badly, just a reminder of what could have been.

The sketch of Cole is my on-going attempt to develop a style of drawing. I decided to accept  this kind of whimsical child-like drawing I do, and to embrace it. I yam what I yam and it's fine with me.

We are thankful to have each other, a home and food. I am thankful for TV movies although they make me long for a close family. We are thankful it stopped raining. I am thankful for my sewing supplies and you who read what I write.

 I am thankful to be a creative soul that sees exciting possibilities for art in every day life. We have a lot to do around the house this weekend, including the monthly grooming of the poodle, horrors! but we might take a moment to visit the Smithsonian museums as it's another tradition with us. What are your traditions?

Love to those of you reading my words...
please scroll down for pictures of a quilt, and pin cushions I finished, thanks!


  1. Hi!
    How did you find out that your dog is allergic to Turkey?
    The menu sounds great! I'll have to give the citrus salad a try!
    What kind of pie?
    Take care,

  2. I am thankful for Off the Wall Friday! Love your sketching style, and your pin cushions.

  3. I am just stopping by, after stuffing myself and doing it in a way that I feel NO guilt, whatsoever! Wanted to say I was thinking of Cole when I drew my poodle on my blog the other day!

    I like yours better. :) Happy Thanksgiving, weekend!

  4. I'm finally getting around to reading. Our Thanksgiving traditions keep evolving. As a child, we always had the normal turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, but the veggies were creamed onions and rutabaga. That last one was the one that made the house smell like Thanksgiving. Then I got married and we added sauerkraut to the menu. My family was from the northeast, some of them arriving to this country at the Plymouth Plantation. So, I think we got it right ... however, my husband's family came to the port of Baltimore from Germany and brought the tradition of sauerkraut. Now I think sauerkraut is a normal thing to have with turkey! With my children's generation we added the N'awlins sweet potato casserole and Korean kimchi and mondu. One thing has remained through it all ... pumpkin pie. Oh, I take that back. The N'awlins connection likes key lime pie :)