Friday, November 15, 2013

Finished Thankful-ly!

I'm in a sewing bee of adventurous women. 
We exchanged  little 6 inch quilts this week. The theme was thankfulness in honor of Thanksgiving.
There were 12 of us, so we needed to finish 12 blocks. I made about 25 because they were so much fun. (You see 11 here because one person didn't finish in time)

Like any creative challenge, each person interpreted the theme their own way. Llift the tablecloth on the middle one, there is a dog under it. Under that one,  "my hero", was in a group showing what the maker was personally thankful for.
The one below is alone because it was easier to photo nine. 
I haven't decided which of the ones I kept will go into this collection, or how I will display them.
What do you think?
 I might keep them as a flip book, putting grommets in to link them. I might hang them joined somehow as a wall hanging.
They are a connection to my friends.
This is one of the 11 that I gave away in the exchange. Each one was unique but my theme was painted trees and words.  It is reverse stenciled, the words joy, peace, love, art, and grow written in pen, and hand beaded with bugle beads,  and has couched threads. I shadowed the tree with prismacolor pencils
I'll show you my entire group later... hope you are making something fun today!


  1. Eep! So cute! These minis are so cute! And I absolutely adore the one you made. So lovely! What a great and fun idea!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. What a wonderful project- so fun to see everyone's interpretations!

  3. There is nothing like the inspiration that comes from a group of creative women--and you are incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing photos of these gorgeous blocks. I feel gratitude just looking at them.

  4. Hi,, I found you... yeah,, love your little quilts.. I see you have blogspot also.. there is a gadget that you can put at the top of the right side of your blog that says something like Follow me... that was is comes right to my email. I have one on my blog also.. OH. so handy! I love how you have the "Pages" at the top,, I need to do that and have not figured that out yet on my blog!

  5. These are wonderful! Especially love the hidden dog under the tablecloth. Your idea of the tree series is lovely.

  6. Wonderful collection.....gotta figure everyone will be smiling with this exchange

  7. What a great idea! They are all so special and unique. Love your trees!