Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shop hop

I would love to attribute this to the graphic designer but saw it on this blog Teatime... click here by one of my Houston dinner companions. I am laughing out loud this morning because the local shop hop is going on, and yesterday I visited the shop Patches in Mt Airy, MD and bought-more-fabric. I am not totally sure I can even squeeze more fabric in the studio! When will I ever use all this fabric, and why can't I stop buying more?? I lay the fault at the designers making such fabulous artwork on fabric these days that we just HAVE to HAVE it! There is also the chance it will not get used because it's too special.
Is there a name for this condition? Apparently I need an intervention, stop me before I buy again...
you might also enjoy the label organization... fabric

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  1. I've been afflicted with this disease for over 40 years. I've found no cure for it, but the symptoms come and go with how easily I can move through the studio. I'm not sure there are even any researchers looking into this problem---and would we really want a cure?