Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And the winners are...

picture from costume works
What fun to have so many new visitor to Not Afraid of Color!! I hope you all come back sometime to read what's happening around here.  There is a lot more to come, watch for interview with an artist videos coming soon. The connection project will begin in the new year. The regular posts will return now that the hop is finished.

Speaking of which, I decided to have not just one drawing but all three! I am feeling especially thankful for my new readers, and hope you love your pin cushions.  Give them a good home with lots of fabric and sewing supplies. Take them along on retreats, and please send me a picture of them in your studio.

The winner of the bird, "Fly" is  Turid from Norway!
The winner of the mouse"Imperfection" is Deb at Simple life
The winner of the fabric hound is Kay in the UK
Congrats! I'll be mailing them out next week.
 If I don't hear from these lucky winners in the next day or two, the alternate names will win.

For those of you who want to make your own, these are links to the pattern sites
The mouse is from Bustle and Sew, link
The dog is from Allsorts, link
The bird is from spool   I added a few features, such as bead feet so it stands freely, and stuffed, turned quilted wings, and embellishments. I painted the body as well.

 The give away was so much fun I'm considering doing it at random several times a year, so please keep  in touch and keep reading our antics.LeeAnna

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  1. Thank you so much LeeAnna! I need a daily reminder to Embrace Imperfection so your mouse will be treasured.