Thursday, November 14, 2013

Speaking to guilds, making new friends

 Speaking to guilds is one of my favorite things to do.

I like connections and connection stories. The latest guild presentation felt like speaking to friends. The Four County Quilt Guild in Mt Airy MD invited me to speak to them about "Story Quilts" since that is their challenge this year. I happen to love story quilts, and stories, and most of my quilts are made with a story in mind even if it's only in my mind.

 I had a great time writing the lecture, researching the concepts before hand, and in general had many interesting conversations with friends and neighbors about their favorite stories. I asked non quilters what their favorite story would look like visually, and to a person, they all stroked their collective chins, looked off to the side, and thoughtfully said how they would do it. They all said, what an interesting question!

It is interesting, because stories are interesting. People have a long history of sharing stories, and quilters are people too. As I spoke to the members about how to choose a story to tell and the decisions they will make along the way I watched their  expressions as they began to imagine their stories taking shape. There was an energy in the air, as the possibilities began to present themselves. I felt real connections forming between us.

The funny thing is, I now want to watch as these quilts become real, to be there when these quilters start the process of decision making that eventually leads to a finished artwork. This quilt, that will tell their story.
I encouraged them to email me and keep in touch.

As the connections grew between us in that short hour, I also felt friendships growing, and that's why I love to speak to guilds.
Y'all keep in touch, ya hear?

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  1. LeeAnna, I had so much fun on Tue listening to you speak and seeing your beautiful quilts! You inspired me. I came up with the perfect idea for my story quilt while driving home from guild.