Monday, November 11, 2013

Creativity Roadblocks 7 Physical limitations

The weather is definitely cooler. I know because the poodle gauge says so. He is renewed and ready to rumble. There are hints of the puppy in him lately, like the pacing around at night, bored looking for something novel to entertain him. His overflowing toy basket doesn't interest him. He wants to run and fetch and play shark with the daddy. Shark is when he locks his poodle-jaws-of-death on your arm and puts you where he wants you. We hate shark. He wants to play chase me, which is where he grabs something he's not allowed to have and runs from us, MUCH faster than any of we slow mortals, and if our interest in the game wanes he circles back and "buzzes" us, a poodle drive by where he bumps you before scampering out of reach.
He wants to play his old games, but his aging joints just do not want to play. He fell on the stairs the other night and we all panicked.
What do you do when your mind is still young, and your memory of being powerful and unstoppable feels real? In your mind you are able to kneel on the floor, or pick up heavy baskets, or crouch over a sewing machine for hours without pulling your  pin-basting muscle. In Cole's mind he is capable and we are holding him back. Unfortunately I realize my limitations now, and turn down some opportunities because of the probable repercusions.
Many of us have to cope with physical limitations and I am all for ergonomics, and setting up optimal conditions to make art. I have high tables, the sewing chair at the right height, try to remember to use the rotary cutter in a straight fashion, etc.   Many books have been written on how to set up a studio ergonomically.
There are temporary limitations and unfortunate permanent or worsening limitations. I just want to let you know, if you cope with these issues you are not alone.
I find when I am at a high pain level, just entering the studio is rejuvenating. If I manage to get lost in a project or what I call medicinal sewing, I often escape the pain for a while. Endorphins. Just like when you find an exciting pair of shoes to buy, or get an runners high. Distractions from everyday pain are good.
And can lead to art.

hope you are making something that makes you happy today,

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