Friday, November 22, 2013

Give away day two

Hey!! Where are you going??
Welcome to all the people hopping from blog to blog in today's give away Thankful give away hop
This is Cole. He is worried you will forget where we are when the hop is over.
He's a very social dog, and loves the arts. He ATE one of my watercolor paintings a bit back.
He knows what he likes.

Calm his fears of you losing your way, sign up for email notices, or some kind of reminder to return and visit again with us. I think you can sign up under subscribe to posts on the side, or follow.

I am having fun looking at everyone's blog, and my style is to immediately start looking at their pages along the top, my faves are tutes and studios!  Then I go to the give away and comment. I hope you check out some of the labels/pages at our place too. 
Looking for the giveaway... keep scrolling down to yesterday's post... see you again soon


  1. I am a follower - I'll be back!

  2. Don't worry Cole! I will be back soon too... This blog is on my Bloglovin list, so I wont miss a post.
    LeeAnn, I make my photo collages with an free app from Instagram and its called Instaframe. Don't know if you can work with it, on a computer, but picassa you can download on your computer. And with that you can make photo collages too.

  3. Forgot to mention, I love all three pincushions, but the dog is my favorite!

  4. No worries Cole. I am always returning back to see new photos of you..... Keep on posing:-)

  5. Girl, I love how your humor comes through on the blog! And that Cole, he's a good sport.