Sunday, November 10, 2013

Inspiration in a leaf

Will you just look at these colors?! If I painted leaves in pink, coral, lime green, and yellow, I can just hear the comments about how that isn't realistic.

Nature's paintbrush is awesome!

I found these on a walk yesterday, and arranged them together for a picture. I wonder what the people think when they see me bent double arranging yard waste?

Remember the painted pine needles?? CLICK HERE TO SEE I made little quilts with them, and  they came out so good. They needed stitching and couched threads, and now are special. I'll show pictures later so you can see the finished work.

 I'm going to paint a leaf like this today, and stitch the heck out of it, because these leaves are so cool.


  1. H There, I've just arrived at your blog via crazy mom quilts (I think !) in my circle of friends I am known as the leaf person as I am subconsciously drawn to most anything that has a leaf image on it - no matter how subtle. All that just to say I know what you mean about the color in leaves and those pics are beautiful ! I also appreciate your posts on studio organization - something I need to get a handle on. I also read your post on batiks and how the smell bothers you - have you tried using synthrapol in the wash ? you can get it from Dharma Trading. I have always used the original but I see they are now showing a "replacement" with their own name on it so I will have to do my own research on it and see if I like it as much as the original

    1. colleen I can't respond to you by email... these crazy blogger response issues. I haven't tried synthropol but will try it now. I find washing three times helps. Hope you stop back by, you fellow leaf lover!