Wednesday, November 20, 2013

here's looking at you...

(c) Pat Crisfield
I am in love with praying mantis. My friend Pat has an ongoing relationship with this one lasting the entire summer. She has lots of wonderful pictures, and developed a story about her. I am including two of her video links to the ongoing story. Enjoy them HERE  and HERE TOO

Let me tell you about my friend Pat. She was my 'plane buddy' on the flight home from Houston this year. I chose the seat because she was small, the flight was full, and she was smiling up at me not avoiding my look.
She turned out to be so entertaining I didn't even feel scared to fly. She and I chatted the whole time, she is aces at Ancestry research and offered to help me locate my birth parents. She and I laughed over pet stories. She did a blog once about the antics of a stuffed bear she made. Her DH said, when I met him at luggage pick up later, that the bear had more clothes than the both of them! After the trip, I feared she would forget me, but emailed and continued a lovely friendship. I used to be painfully shy, and never spoke to strangers. A date once told me that was a waste of time, and he was right. You never know when you'll meet the next great friend!

Anyway, I learned a bit about Mantis, such as they enjoy a butterfly meal, what their egg sac looks like, and what they look like up close. I have a quilt drawn out 5 years ago at least, that includes a P.M. and I'm excited to dig out the plans and work on it. You never know where you'll get the next great idea.

Love to Pat, LeeAnna


  1. What great pictures of the praying mantis; I have sent the link to my granddaughter, a senior at Texas A&M in entymology, for her enjoyment.

  2. Fabulous photography on your friend's video. I wonder what kind of camera she uses.

    1. Thanks for your compliment! I use a fairly simple camera, exactly the one LeeAnna said. I just put it on the macro setting and take many, many photos of the same thing ... I love digital photography for that reason. Mostly I just love to watch nature. My daughter once laughed at me because I sent her a video of a slug slowing making it's way across our patio. As an explanation I must say she used to live in the Seattle area which was famous for their slugs :)

  3. she said she uses a nikon coolpix point and shoot and i-software called definition, correct me if I'm wrong Pat. Can you believe it??