Thursday, March 31, 2022

i like thursday # 290


welcome to this week's list of likes. The pic above is an assemblage of fabric I painted, then handstitched this week. I'll put the full piece and details in Saturday's post.

 I had two big finishes in quilt making this week the posts are here: HERE 


and HERE


 I've been slowly doing the lessons from Sketchbook Revival and learning a lot. I've had a lot of trouble with concentration this week, and the weather didn't help. 80 deg F one day, snowing the next... when it's hot our bedroom is uncomfortable as it gets full sun all day and won't cool off with open windows. 

a few pics from my sketchbook this week: 

the lesson was to paint a background, scribble over with pencil, tear paper to collage, then add symbols

I always do a small portrait of the instructor to start my lessons, and remember them. I put their name the lesson title, the date and then take notes right on the sketch

this day we were told "if you can see it, you can draw it" and I used this pic of Milo as inspiration

It's hard to draw a black poodle, and I wanted to capture his tilted head, so cute

I tried to draw the teacher's folded hand as she leaned on it, hands are also hard. I like my sketch a lot, and the shading done all with pencil. The next lesson was brilliant in that I can use the techniques in fabric too... paint on heavy paper (or stabilizer) and apply to a collage on paper (or fabric) 

I feel I captured the instructor's look, and just painted mushrooms into my sketchbook, but will follow up on the 3-d aspect soon...

I am enjoying my lessons and am quite behind but that's okay, I have to learn at my speed 

I had to paint this instructor several times til I got the essence of her on the bottom left image... what makes a person look unique? Have you ever thought about that? 

Watching on TV

same stuff except I'm also enjoying the silly romance finding show "the courtship" where modern would-be mates dress and behave like Regency era English. I'm in solid mourning for the last season of This is US. 

sadly I saw the Oscars where someone didn't like a joke told, and physically assaulted the host. You can feel everything you want, but you cannot by law or decency act on it by assaulting another person. Is anyone else showing self control these days? I miss decency in action.

Find Dining

 I tried out my candy mold (from Michaels ) to make these peanut butter cups... well I used what I had... which was sunflower butter (dh is unable to digest p-butter) and dark chocolate chips. Basically you melt the chocolate pour a bit into the mold, then mix the nut butter, powdered sugar, and butter and spread on top, then add in another dollop of chocolate. They tasted good but were too hard to bite.


I licked the nutbutter mixture off the chocolate... waste not want not

 enjoy this cuteness... squee!!!!

I think my favorite segment was the dog in bed saying "today is not the day and I am not the one"...I feel that way a lot lately...  

Perserverence | Words quotes, Inspirational quotes, Quotes 

Milo's Moment

Milo: while I was guarding the house from upstairs this week, Mama called me down to watch the squirrel channel...

Mama: "Milo, there is a squirrel right outside the back door!" (rumbling of big poodle feet running down the stairs at a gallop)

Milo: Mama! Did you know there is a squirrel outside? Lemme out! 

Mama: oh let's let her live, just keep an eye on her and try not to bark!

Milo: later this week I needed to break down a toy... whew!

it wasn't easy but it needed to get done. See that octopus has been needing his legs chewed off for weeks! It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it and I'm just the poodle for the job! 

I am also the toy inspector here, and I declare I need a new octopus!

now sit stay and visit mama's friend's to see their list of likes, and we always like new friends here so if you write a list let mama know the link!

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easyweimaraner said...

I love the peanut butter cup and I love the flamingo quilt... I can dream of summer now ;O)

grammajudyb said...

I certainly am enjoying seeing your drawing lessons. You are one of most creative persons I "know"! I wonder why the "peanut butter cups" turned out so hard? I am not a candy making expert, but do like peanut butter and chocolate!!!
I know you don't need my advice, but would insulated window coverings help on your bedroom windows. Our living room faces south and it gets quite unbearable in the summer. I have insulated "thermal" draperies. Just a thought!

Sara said...

I'm in mourning over the end of This Is Us coming too. I thought this week's episode was a tear jerker, but not as much as the one where Jack goes home for his mom's death. I watched that one again before deleting it this week. Your candy turned out so pretty!! And the drawing of Milo absolutely captured his tilted head.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your projects. You are so talented! Your candy looks great to me and I would definitely not turn it down! I love This Is Us too. I'm going to miss it even though I cry at just about every episode!

Sandee said...

Oh that video. Adorable.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

Rebecca Jo said...

I love your talent & gift of drawing!!!
MMMM.... chocolate... so do you know how to make them again where they wont be hard to bite? You make me want to try making things!

piecefulwendy said...

Always fun to see your sketches (and I had to go read your two finishes posts - how did I miss them??). Milo and the octo - too cute.

Sherrie said...

I really like all your drawings, I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. So i admire folks that can draw. I like your saying...all so true. Have a great day!

Norma Schlager said...

I haven't blogged or looked at blogs since mid January. I'm down here in LaLa Land. Not doing much creative except for a few watercolor cards. But YOU are always so busy. My favorite candies are peanut butter cups and your heart shaped ones look so good. I also love what you are doing in your sketch book, especially the mushrooms.
Heading home in a coupe of weeks (sigh) and will have lots to do in my studio.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Glad you're enjoying your sketchbook lessons! Love the drawing you did of Milo, too. Those nut-butter cups you made look yummy! said...

Your sketchbook lessons look fabulous. Of course Glamingo and the sunflower are gorgeous too. I think your nut butter cups look yummy. Milo nice to see your handsome self.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Such pretty things, you did terrific with that SketchBook art, impressive! WOW Milo, you've got your own Squirrel-TV, cool. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

The Joyful Quilter said...

It looks like you are enjoying your classes in Sketchbook Revival. I absolutely LOVE that you sketch/draw/paint each of your teachers!! Awesome quilt work, too, LeeAnna!!

Dorothy L. Wills said...

It's the mushrooms! They make me smile! Thanks for sharing your drawings.

sonja said...

Your sketch of Milo is mucho amazing!
you captured that lilt and intensity of a poodle stare there!!
Lucy's mom

Amila said...

These drawings are beautiful. I like Milo's sketch. It looks real and just like Milo. Great!

PaintedThread said...

Pretty mushrooms. Chocolate and nut butter are always a good combo. Ha! I love that the octopus was needing it's legs removed. Squirrels!

Angie said...

LeeAnna - my daughter and I are doing our own little 45-day drawing challenge, and I totally agree that "if you see it, you can draw it". You did a good job with Milo! And your mushrooms - out of this world! Enjoy your weekend!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post! I like your sketches and I love those mushrooms! I had to share that video...also so enjoyable esp. the puppies. Our house is littered with the remnants of old toys, parts that still have chewing value. I should share one that Ned has not destroyed, basically a huge twined rope. Have a great Friday you three!

Annie said...

The peanut butter cups sound yummy but probably too sweet for a diabetic. Love Milo and his adventures.
Annie x

Lisca said...

You certainly are enjoying the sketchbook lessons, and you are very good at it. Milo’s drawing is brilliant. And the mushrooms are fantastic!
As always I enjoyed Milo’s story. The octopus destroyer!
Have a lovely weekend,
Hugs ,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I still haven't watched any of the Sketchbook Project videos, and I somehow doubt I will have time before it runs out. I like how you are documenting yours, though. And it's nice to see your drawings, including the one of Milo. However, your mushrooms are out of this world. They are note worthy for sure.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Sweet're such a good boy. Please tell your mama she was a super star this week with her quilting and painting. LOVE her mushrooms. So adorable!

riitta k said...

Your sketches look very nice and I love your mushrooms! Warm greetings to the cute Milo.