Thursday, March 24, 2022

I Like Thursday # 289


day two lesson one
 Welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with the return of Sketchbook Revival
These are a series of lessons on art, two videos a day of instruction, for two weeks. I look forward to this every year and the page above is from day two, lesson one. 

I gather art supplies, watch a video and start. I always date the page, draw/paint a portrait of the teacher, and jot down notes on the exercise

day one lesson 2

I am already behind but I have time to take the lessons and absorb the learning, and had to take time this week to finish my round robin piece, "Glamingo" for it's post on Friday

just a bit of the finished piece

and to work on my "table scraps"  challenge piece with a prompt of "flowers". 

Speaking of which Joy and I had a bee meeting on zoom this week, where we worked on these projects while chatting and laughing. Where does the time go? 

It sped away this week when I talked to Cindy about sketchbook, and life too

I liked seeing all my  project quilting art quilts in one post last weekend

the latest one, Summer Breeze

 I made potato leek soup this week, sorry no pictures, and no recipe. Just sauteed leeks in butter, added potatoes, spices, chicken broth and it was just wonderful

I plan to make these buns for spring, maybe over the weekend

cardamom buns

 painted my nails this weekend for first time in a while...Essie "rome around"


turned in two audio books unfinished this week

Lily and the octopus... too weird and   which got too scary but then listened to

which was fun and just started the next in the series


still reading at night on ebook

which is really funny. A character study of sorts where lives are intersecting

Watching on TV

sadly finished Agatha Raisin, Virgin River, and are on the last episode of Bridgerton...but new seasons of Virgin River and Bridgerton will start soon. Love Survivor this time, and American Idol has been so touching. With all the hate in the world, it's good to see young people who have a passion for music. 

This is US is always good and they keep reminding us it's in it's last season, boohoo. Murdoch Mysteries is returning thank goodness

Milo's Moments

Milo: come on Mama, let's go outside and play with my new ring toy while it still has it's skin!

Mama: I'd love to... will you give me the toy to throw this time or tease me with it?

Milo: while I'd like to make you happy and give it to you, I just don't think I am comfortable with that...

Mama: why not? Aren't I trustworthy? I take care of you after all...

Milo: you also pull hair out of my ears, cut my toenails and won't feed me enough treats, so you gotta fight me for the ring!

Mama: so Milo if you were a "food" what would you be... I'd be a big plate of Cuban Chicken and yellow rice! 

Milo: I'd be a treat or cookie.... everyone wants a treat right? now stop stalling and chase me for this toy!

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rosie and the boys nature pics 


easyweimaraner said...

i love your summer breeze... it has something of the time we loved...and what we miss now so much...

Michele McLaughlin said...

Summer Breeze makes me happy and that is saying a lot right now!!! It's a great piece and you should be so proud of it! Glamingo is a hoot and awesome! Waving to Milo! said...

Summer Breeze is awesome. Glamingo is fabulous too. Oh I can't wait to hear how your cardamon buns turn out. I have watched Virgin River, my parents are binge watching it now. My mom loves it because it talks about places where she grew up. Awe Milo, you and Bobbin play the same. LOL

Brian's Home Blog said...

Your art sure looks like fun and Summer Breeze is beautiful! Hey Milo, it's always a treat to see you! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Sara said...

I set aside a partially finished book this winter. I used to force myself to finish them all, but finally decided to just let them go if I wasn't enjoying them. Survivor has been interesting again this season with some really tough challenges. Love, love, love Glamingo!!

grammajudyb said...

It’s good to see you back to sketching. I like: Be You ~ no apologies!
Your conversation with Milo this week, cracked me up!
Looking forward to Glamingo in the parade!

Sandra Walker said...

I know Xena would be any kind of food, she loves and wants it ALL; Rufus would be rotisserie chicken! Pretty nails! The soup sounds sooo good. We're in for some blustery colder days here so soup sounds perfect. Love and am always amazed at your sketches, and as for the flamingo, glamingo, well--! Love her and can't wait to see her in all her flamboyance (wonder if the root word for that adjectives comes from the noun flamingo?) Thank you for always hosting and for linking me even though I just write monthly, but I gather gratitude all month long, which is the most important as you well know.

Shannon said...

Your glamingo is so bright and cheerful! I bought a bright fuschia easter basket like your flamingo at the grocery store yesterday, I always try to resist impulse purchases but the color was just fantastic and it makes me smile to see it there on my sideboard.

Sandee said...

You're so talented. I love all the colors of spring.

Love your nails and it's always good to see handsome Milo.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

Rebecca Jo said...

I need to try out some art videos & go along with them - try it out.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Glad your Sketchbook Revival classes are back! Looking forward to seeing your Glamingo finish, too. I always love seeing the titles of books that people share - writers are so creative with that!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Yes you are so talented, LeeAnna. Every thing you work on is special. Glamingo for instance, another wonderful piece. Love Seeing Milo too.

PaintedThread said...

Your creative projects are always very pretty. Milo looks so happy with his ring.

Angie said...

LeeAnna - together with my daughter, I am doing a 40-day drawing challenge. Most days, I enjoy it! I have made a note about Sketchbook Revival - maybe that can be our follow-up activity! Your nails are lovely. Tomorrow, I will be baking Pineapple Carrot Cake, a spring favorite! Enjoy your weekend!

Kathe W. said...

I need to take a page from your quilting book and just make up a quilt with scraps! Hugs and stuff !

piecefulwendy said...

I don't like to not finish books, but sometimes it just isn't worth my time to keep reading. Looks like you found some fun replacements, though! Milo - you tease!

Annie said...

I love the quilts you’ve been working on. What talent. Milo always makes me smile.
Annie x

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE that you make a habit of sketching/painting the instructors! I made your weekly list of likes? :o))
Can't WAIT to see the final reveal of Glamingo! What food would you be? That sounds like a strange way of asking someone's favorite food, but YUM!! Cuban chicken and yellow rice is one of my favorite dishes. That Milo is TOO funny! Did he really make you work for the ring, LeeAnna?

Lisca said...

Your blogpost is so uplifting! The Summer Breeze is beautiful and makes me yearn for summer.
Give Milo a big hug from me. I love reading about him every week.
I don't usually nor finish a book, but recently there have been a few that I just can't get into or plainly don't like. This is unusual for me as I usually choose well. Oh well, win a few and lose a few.
I'd not heard of Sketchbook Revival. I'll look into that. Thanks.
Have a lovely weekend,

Linda Kunsman said...

Beautiful quilt art! Fun sketchbook exercises. I've watched them but have yet to put any of it to paper...
happy PPF one last time!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Oooh,m the nails look fab as does that Cardamom bun! said...

I'm even more behind with sketchbook revival, just started today. Love the idea of drawing the teacher. Your quilts are fabulous.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Sad to say Happy PPF for the final time but it has always been a treat seeing all your artwork you so creative. Enjoy the sketchbook revival there are so many great tutorial treats around.
Creative wishes Tracey x

riitta k said...

Your quilts are just gorgeous LeeAnna! Some years ago I was keen on crazy quilting but then decided to quit that hobby. I know how exciting sowing can be. Those cardamon buns are very popular in Finland, too and we call them Korvapuusti = cuff on the ear!

I watch very little television, a comedy or movie now and then. Now I am watching The Voice of Finland, a singing contest with talented young singers.

Greetings to cute Milo!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

i also joined the Sketchbook project like I do every year, BUT I never draw anything, so not sure why I do this.

Love the color of your fingernail polish. Beautiful.

Where do you find Murdock Mysteries? Hope it's not on Britbox or Acorn, since I don't get those streaming services.

Loved your conversation with Milo. He's always a sweetie.

Nearly forgot to mention, your quilts are to die for!! Both are beautiful.

Kathleen said...

Fun to see your sketchbook project again! I love seeing what you doodle. Great job getting all those projects going and done - quite amazing! Looking forward to a new Virgin River. Seems show are doing fewer and fewer episodes...I imagine it was covid but I keep looking for things in-between what I am waiting for!

Norma Schlager said...

Like the turquoise nails, my favorite Florida color. Right now on fingers and toes.