Saturday, July 31, 2021

Sewing Saturday... table scraps! and more...


It's been a busy week in studio! I'll just start with this month's "table scraps" mug rug. I left out one cabana when making last month's summer beach quilt... and made it into a mug rug for my friend Lane in Tampa. 

She and I grew up together, starting from elementary school, through high school band trips and her family often invited me to spend their beach week with them. She and I had many adventures over the years, many of them at the beach, so of course I made a momento for her. 

She is also a nurse so I used some nurse fabric to make a smaller coaster too. 

Sewing wise, the blue fabric border is seashells, I did a quick envelop turn (self binding) edge treatment on both. Cabana pattern (minus hat, lady and flag) from Moda row by row book.

 For other work this week I sandwiched the blue and green petals improv piece, and it's ready for quilting.

 I chose a border in a lovely hoffman golden stars on cream fabric for the 9-patch neutrals piece and it's ready to quilt, 

I suppose technically it's the shape of a table runner but I originally planned for it to be a bed runner accent piece. I found some more little solid color squares this size, more than I had of these, so maybe those will turn into a bed runner.
and started a Kaleidoscope quilt along in fall fabrics.

I have a drawer of cute fall fabrics but this strata based quilt needs long cuts and a lot  of mine are fat quarters so I chose a few to start with, and mixed in blue, purple, red, gold, brown, green and beige fabrics to blend with them. 

 I made a kaleidoscope Christmas quilt one year, so this is technically "re-learning". I know when it all gets cut up and resewn the pieces often break down into colors mostly so I made sure the fall designs were cut into thicker strips and  the pretty colors show up as accents like little pieces of glass in a real kaleidoscope. 

double strips ready to sew into two identical strata
 You start with strata, differing width strips, then after drafting angular patterns you will cut out template shapes from the dual strata sections. 

four double strata, the last one not ironed yet, done out of 5 needed

This is not an improv quilt, each 1/16th of an inch matters, and you lose the effect if not precise. 

The fact that I made mug rugs, a traditional style 9-patch, an improv art quilt, and now working on a precisely pieced intricate puzzle quilt shows how versatile this artform is!  

It's supposed to be a leetle bit cooler today so I hope to bake my husband a birthday cake... but the studio is calling too!

 I really want to make this... not today but one day

look at this clever EPP portable sewing tray!

patchwork Sunday                    
oh Scrap Sundays



  1. It’s fun to switch things up between improv type of projects and things requiring a lot of accuracy. That is probably why I love making some block designs that don’t require lots of seam matching. Your eye for color always amazes me.

  2. Don't you love it when you can use up scraps? Well done.

  3. Oh, yes! Eclectic! Best thing about quilting! I’m really looking forward to seeing your version of the kaleidoscope quilt.

  4. Your cabana mug rug is so adorable! Perfect use for that leftover block. I'll enjoy seeing how your kaleidoscope quilt progresses.

  5. What an interesting variety of items you have been making in such different styles!

  6. SEW many wonderful projects on the go, LeeAnna!! I think Lane will absolutely LOVE your sweet gift. Thanks for whipping up an entry for the July 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge!

  7. I love your cabana mug rug, what a lovely gift! Great various projects to work with too, sewing with different techniques is fun! Your kaleidoscope is going to be wonderful with these pretty strips.
    Thank you for sharing and linking up ❤️

  8. Can't wait to see that Kaleidoscope quilt come to life! The videos were fun to watch. Love the idea of the portable EPP sewing station. Could be used for embroidery as well.

  9. you had a very productive week in the studio

  10. Your kaleidoscope project fascinates me! Can't wait to see it all come together. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. Your quilts are so lovely and so different. You do art in every form of quilt making. I love to see your play with colors. The blue green improv is my favorite . The blue green improv is my personal favorite. It looks so lush and tropical. The hand piecing work station tray is a fabulous idea. Thanks for the link and for linking up ... :) Pat