Thursday, July 29, 2021

I LIKE Thursday #255

well... it's Thursday again and time for this week's list of likes starting with the wildflower seeds are starting to blossom!

I spy with my little eye lots of blooms!

and the beans are growing finally

the pod is up to about a half inch and I see beans in there!


I  love my angels who protected me this week. I was changing my rotary cutter blade, which I don't do often enough. My new blades are several years old, bought back in MD with a Joann's coupon when I often went shopping to use coupons to "spave" 

the new blade was dry and hard to force apart from the others, and when put into the holder it was stiff. I decided to add a drop of sewing machine oil to it, and accidentally grabbed for the blade...eeek!

I wondered if I just didn't feel the cut yet, (that happened when I sliced off the edge of a finger with a different rotary cutter). A miracle happened and no cut!!!

I'm calling it a miracle, and if you want to make a pilgrimage here, let's wait til more people get vaccinated.  Thank you to my angels. 

 Speaking of sewing, I started a free workshop with Ricky Tims doing another kaleidoscope quilt. I chose fall fabrics and colors, gathered them and started slicing them up to sew into strata. The next lesson tomorrow will show us how to design the actual pattern to use for templates. I'm behind on it of course. 

More sewing pics on Saturday. 


For  art this week, I have only colored in part of the calendar page... dh asked why I haven't been painting... I don't know. When I feel depressed I sew, not paint. I also practiced some lettering.

I'm watching  some reality shows like the bachelorette, Master chef, crime scene kitchen, Housewives of Beverly Hills and NYC, and the olympics. 

I love the olympics and the whole concept of them. I'm only sorry they were held this year as we are STILL in a global health crisis with covid. Nope it's not gone. Nope it's not safe yet.

 On the Olympics I am trying to catch at least 15 min of sports I don't normally watch, like surfing, rowing, fencing (why do they scream?) arm waving, er, gymnastics, killer badminton (not like anything I've ever played) some weird pick up rules game called handball that looks like basketball married rugby and used a softball. Judo where a woman almost had an eye put out and went on to win gold. Archery with modern weapons,

 so. much. swimming.

A friend asked, are you trying to make it educational? Why not I said, can't travel, might as well see what's happening out there somehow! I never knew I'd like curling til we watched it on Olympics

I'm reading this at night but the library is about to take it back unfinished with two people waiting

I've finished several audio books and now listening to # 4 in the series of Kilts and Quilts

The Accidental Scot - Griffin, Patience

I can't take any more murder mysteries at the moment and this one is character driven

I just loved this studio video... the look, the organization, the beauty of having your supplies at hand

 I have a new pet. A fly came in, for what I have no idea, but he seems to follow me from room to room. Ergh! GO lie down!

Milo:"this town ain't big enough for the both of us!"

I like a freshly groomed poodle who smells good and is so soft... 

I wanted to leave his legs pretty and fluffy at the bottom but he has a tendency to pee on them if the hair is long. Trust me he smells good now, but it won't last! I went ahead and trimmed the legs as usual

Milo's Moments

Mama: Hi honey... what 'cha doing? 

Milo: I'm First! I'm in front of Daddy! (looks back at Daddy over his shoulder)

Mama: I see that, first in front of Daddy, for what? 

Milo: to help you with the cookies. 

Mama: Help? how? 

Milo: pick some up if they fall  or  taste them to make sure they are good. I bet they are good. 

Mama: I made some just for you with no white chocolate so here you go!

Milo (running off to a quiet place to eat his cookie) (then right back pushing in front of Daddy) It's good! I'm baaaaack! Need anything Mama? You're my favorite!   AND I have nothing at all against chocolate.

Mama: well it's not good for doggies honey

Milo: who you calling a dog? 

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rosie and the boys nature pics 

  friday smiles at a stitch in time 



easyweimaraner said...

cornflowers are wondeful things... we made rings of this flowers and felt like princesses as we were kids ;O) said...

I was wondering what that flower was, thanks to the above comment I know. Can't wait to see your fall project. Milo looks awesome. LOL pet fly, yep we get those here too. Huge house, why follow me all around? As always your coloring is beautiful.

grammajudyb said...

Wildflowers are so fun to see! Love your little blue one! And a freshly groomed pet is a fabulous thing! I enjoy sewing room videos too! Thanks for sharing!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hooray for wildflowers, beans growing, and good stories! Your conversations with Milo always crack me up! Why DO those flies want to come inside? We've been doing battle with one in my mom's apartment recently.

Michele Morin said...

We are overrun with mosquitoes in my world! Your dog is just so cute!

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Have fun with the Ricky Tims workshop ! Looking forward to seeing how this one develops !
Like you watching the Summer olympics, I watch a bit of Cricket. I never did/do understand it.
I see there is a great selection of Summer wines lined up to try !
I'll start with the lightest fruity flavours and work my way to the dark full bodied reds :)
take care, stay safe, hugs,

Tamar SB said...

Your fabrics are so pretty.

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at that fresh poodle cut!
I honestly held my breath reading about the blade falling.... & I did that to my thumb last week cooking. didnt realize I cut it till about 15 minutes later & felt the pain & saw the blood... those skin slices - OOOFFFFF - the worst

dq said...

Hello Leeanna. I am so happy you did not end up with a finger mishap and the angels descended.

Embarrassing to say this, but I had forgotten summer Olympics were going on.

The sewing room video inspired me so much. I have areas where cute fabric cover ugly boxes. Now I want to hang little quilts over them instead.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Great likes! Congrats on NOT cutting your hand! Love the sewing room video! Very calming!!

Sandee said...

Love your conversation with Milo. That's one smart pup.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. My best to Milo. ♥

Scrapatches said...

Milo is such a handsome ... er ... mooch + a word that rhymes and starts with "p" ... I do not wish to offend. Perhaps he would prefer to be called a "canine culinary assistant?" Sewing always lifts my spirits, as does reading your Thursday post ... :) Pat

Unknown said...

Mamma is right, Milo. No chocolate for doggies. The coloring in project sounds fun. Wish I had time. But, quilts are ready for me to longarm. Cynthia

Timmy Tomcat said...

That is really great that Angel protected you. We feel like that a lot at our house. Milo you are one funny pup! Good cookie hunting

piecefulwendy said...

Will be fun to see what you do for the Ricky Tims project. We've been watching the Olympics too, and wondered about that handball too, so strange! I'd like to learn fencing, just so I could yell - haha!

Brian's Home Blog said...

We like pretty wildflowers too. I'm sure glad your Angels were on duty and they didn't let you get sliced. Milo, you're an excellent cookie monster. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Sara said...

Dogs can be SO charming when they are begging for a treat. Love it.

I really enjoy watching the Olympics - including the odd sports that I didn’t know much about. I really enjoyed watching curling during the last winter games.

I haven’t been out of the house beyond watering my porch flower pots since Tuesday noon. It was 102 yesterday with heat index of 111. And today started out lovely until the “fog” of wildfire smoke settled in over us. And my husband opened windows in the family room early this morning, unknown to me - then forgot he did. I came up from my basement sewing room a little while ago to a smokey and smelly house.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Bachelor button wildflowers always make me smile. That blue is so pretty. Whoa, talk about an organized studio that has it all! Wow. Milo looks 'furbulous.' Bathed & groomed the resident muppet this week and she was so gross I'm going to bath her again tomorrow. 😇

MissPat said...

I haven't grown bachelor buttons (aka cornflower) in years. I did have the perennial version called mountain bluett, but the deer kept eating it so I dug it all out. Boy, were you lucky with that rotary blade. Hope that angel sticks with you and keeps you safe. I guess I wasn't paying attention and missed the info on Ricky Tim's kaleidoscope QAL. But, then I'm so far behind, I really don't have time for anything new. Hmmm, homemade cookies sound good.

Sherrie said...

Hi Lee Anna,
Your wild flowers are very pretty...we didn't plant any green beans this year. But we have lots of tomatoes. I've had a few near misses with my Rotary Cutter too. I've cut a couple finger nails off with one. Your Kilts and Quilts book look interesting. I'll be checking this one out. Have a great day!

Carol Andrews said...

Hurray for buds on plants! Stay safe and happy! So good your angels are watching over you 😉. I think Milo deserves another cookie for being such a willing volunteer.

PaintedThread said...

Lovely beans. That's a beautiful set of fabric! Pretty wreath. Poison checking is a very important job! All cookies should be poison checked!! :-)

Annie said...

I love the smell of a freshly trimmed dog....and cookies of course.
Annie x

QuiltGranma said...

thank you for the sewing room tour. Love the littel quilt on the wall! Pattern?

Rosemary Dickinson said...

How do you like Ricky Tims' class? I started watching it last week but I was at work and never finished it. His blocks are beautiful. I would love to try it! You picked some great fabrics!