Sunday, July 4, 2021

sunday questions party


From the party of questions  Sunday Stealing:

1. 3 things I love (maybe more than 3)

my wee family members of a husband and standard poodle, fresh good food, clean air, tv, books, sewing and art, walking around old towns looking at architecture, history, pecan pie, freshly laundered sheets, birkenstocks, peace and quiet

2. Last song I listened to

just before my old 5 cd player (it shuffled randomly between 5 cds) died last weekend I was listening to a great mix of Celadon Woods and CSNY.

3. Turn offs

loud cars, smoke, hateful words, selfish people who demand their way and ignore needs of others in this crowded world. Smell of sweat, staring at cell phones,  refusal to learn

4. What color underwear are you wearing right now?

turquoise ( thanks for asking) 

5. How many tattoos do you have?

yikes, none! I'd never be happy with the same thing on all the time, but I used to do the temp ones on my ankles in the summer, and had a great time changing them.

6. How many piercings do you have?

I only have two but they have closed up. I got a second hole in one ear while on a trip to San Fransisco in my 20's. It tormented me for years til I gave it up. A bout of severe allergic reactions to chemicals started when they stained our cedar home one year, and I became unable to wear any earrings since. Sad.

7. Meaning behind my URL

I love color, I make art, I note color in the world. I belonged to a group that made art quilts and one woman said sardonically, one day, while looking at my latest artwork, "it's a shame you're afraid of using color" and bingo! There was my blog  moniker.

8. What I find attractive in other people.

gosh... I love integrity in all forms. People who are unique and respect others who find other people interesting become very attractive to me. I tend to think all my friends are beautiful... maybe I am influenced by their intelligence/humor/acceptance and only see their beautiful spirit shining out. 

9. Something that’s currently worrying me.

I had an allergic response to the first Moderna shot, and my doctor said not to risk another ever. I'm terrified of catching it and being in hospitals. My husband had both shots but I'm scared of the people at his work who don't believe it's real and didn't get shots and he catches it with no symptoms and brings it home to me. 

I'm scared for all the people who rather support one human than the whole country. I'm scared when I hear them say they hate... govt or people. Any large group needs governing, it's a way of life. We all have something to offer and should all be respected and allowed to contribute. If a group hates someone of a certain skin color, they will hate another for their religion, another for their sexual orientation, another for their gender, etc. Hate is dangerous.

10. Something that’s constantly on my mind.

what to make for the next meal... now that I have to cook all the time. I got so spoiled with take out food over the years. Also how to avoid injury since the least little knock or stumble will cause my discs to pinch my nerves and so much pain. Speaking of getting older... where will we find peace to live out our lives? (and can afford it)

11. My favorite store.

I love to shop, and used to have fun in Pier One stores. I like Macy's, I love container store as I feel I could possibly get organized if I buy enough containers. I most love a quilting store and we used to stop at them along our path when taking car trips.

it's so silly but if you can't be silly in summer... then what???

 12. What I did yesterday.

I finished up the top on my latest quilt, and tried out my new staedtler watercolor pencils on paper, (NICE!!), did laundry, groceries, cut the poodle's toenails (a big job/wrestling match) then treated his latest ear infection, made chicken fajitas and set up leftovers for lunches, watched a time team and an episode of Beacham house and a bad movie (Hampstead) while enduring the endless fireworks being shot off around our house. Fireworks started Thursday night, then Friday night, then Saturday night, and I betcha tonight, the actual Fourth of July will not be the last night of them this week. 

13. My favorite blog

I can't pick one, I love this group. I also love the group of people keeping a list of small things they liked that week meeting on thursdays here at my place. They have become friends and my community. Come join us! "I Like" Thursday (last week)

14. Someone I miss

I miss my friend Cindy whom I got to visit with every week in Maryland. I miss my friend Lane and Suze in Florida, Bonnie in Maryland, game night and contra dancing in Maryland. I miss the woman who took care of me and provided safety and love as I grew up, I called her Tatee. I miss her the most.  If I know how to love it was because she taught me. If I have grace towards others and follow the golden rule it's because I watched her live with grace and always be kind.

15. Reason why I follow Sunday Stealing

I LOVE to join the feeling of a party like atmosphere where we share what we think 



Lori said...

I love your answer to #7, I did not know that and so interesting! Great answer to #15 also. I love this group too. Loved your answers. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Kwizgiver said...

I can relate to loving quilting stores--I love yarn shops!!!

The Gal Herself said...

CONTAINER STORE! That's what I need! I'm looking for attractive, stackable boxes for the living room. Thank you, thank you.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

LOVE that beach cabana quilt! So cute and colorful.

Plastic Mancunian said...

I wish I was artistic - I have no talent in that area at all.




sonja said...

CSNY+TY Wowzer! thanks for the magical memories! I saw/heard them in the late sixties play at Esalen institute in Big Sur. Exchanged smiles with Joan Baez as she drifted by after her set.....
music is a time tunnel and a wonderful way to revisit your younger self and restore what remains!

CountryDew said...

I'm happy you love Sunday Stealing! I enjoyed your answers. You are always so busy!

Becky said...

Way to go turning someone’s snarky comment into a positive affirmation in your URL! I always enjoy your comments and appreciate your point of view.