Thursday, July 8, 2021

I Like #252


Welcome to this week's list of likes... small ones this week, but life is made up of these!

I like coloring in my Joanna Basford calendar each week and I am enjoying the new set of watercolor pencils from Staedtler on this page. Usually I use prismacolor and they really have different qualities. More on this tomorrow on paint party friday I hope!

the page from this week

I like quilting on my cabana quilt this week, lots of pretty colors and threads

I loved this set of three videos of a small bird nesting, laying eggs, helping her babies to fledge. I loved the male shows up with food, they chat loudly for a while, Mama shows him the babies and he's out to hunt again!

It's been very hot this summer, and I'm trying to drink more water.  We like the britta filter and there is never enough for both of us, so I ordered these to keep one full and cold in the fridge while the filter cleans more

I have used one like this for years to keep our tea cold and they are a good size

I like reading            on Ebook

finished Relics on audio, and now listening to book 1 in this series after finishing #4!

Not before time, I took up the snowmen rug in front of the sink last week, and replaced it with this

 in case you want to read about it. I washed it, it dried on the rack in an hour, it does not slip and is nicely padded as well as protects your floor from water. I think we'll get some for the doors. 

Our tupperwear was taking on the dishwasher soap smell and putting it on food, so we ordered these glass containers for leftovers instead. So far so good (we found them at Sam's club)

 I like these towels we got at Sam's club made by Martha Stewart... very lush and inexpensive. In fact they are so nice we ordered more!

they are a rich blue and white

I Like Watching on TV

just finishing up Beacham House on Masterpiece... so beautifully filmed, and the costumes!!!
Fantasy Island is returning to a new season, I like The Chase, Make It, Kominsky Project, and others. 
I like eating! ... I made this sweet potato/spinach/coconut milk curry soup and it was restaurant worthy! 

 How I feel...

 Milo's Moment

I'll be with you as soon as I get this neighborhood under control!!! 

There was way way WAY too much booming this week, all week. Stupid humans!

they've all gone in now but I think maybe I should still be on duty in case someone needs barking at to keep them moving away from our house! Go visit mama's friends and see what they liked!  


friday smiles at a stitch in time


  1. I love the soup recipe!!! and we hole milo has always an eye on da hood ;O)

  2. Was Milo scared of the boomers? Scout was but we live right above where they set them off and there were plenty in the neighborhood as well. Loved your post today! I love those towels!! Have a great day!

  3. Lots of nice likes this week! I haven't started reading the Bridgerton series. There are so many books! I hope Milo wasn't too scared with the fireworks. My two cats hid under couches the whole night.

  4. Good job Milo - keep protecting your family!! Those bird videos are pretty amazing. And the cabana quilt if FABULOUS!!

  5. I got completely sidetracked by watching those videos. What a pretty little bird and what great parents. Amazing. This is a great post LeeAnna; love the finds...always looking for floor mats and that soup sounds amazing. We heard some fireworks on Canada Day and Ned was interested but not afraid. Love that Milo is on guard.

  6. I always enjoy seeing what artwork you've been doing each week, and love the cabana quilt! We have a set of glass pyrex dishes in different sizes with lids and I love them, too. Definitely better than plastic! I'm glad Milo is on patrol, and hope all the local fireworks didn't bother him too much.

  7. Love the coloring. Beautiful. I also love seeing Milo.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  8. Beats coloring! The waves on your cabana quilt look so real!!
    Oh Milo! I understand! Take good care!

    1. I meant "beautiful coloring"! Daddy needed me at the same time I saw my error and I forgot to correct it! Silly me! :)

  9. We’ve joined you in the switch to glass! I still have a few plastic, but will phase them out as I acquire mote glass. Those lids with the snap down side tabs are my favorite! Can’t wait for the finish on your cabana quilt!

  10. Hi,
    Love the Cabana pretty. Our dog, Bob, is scared to death of loud noises. So usually hides under my desk when the boomers start going off. Have a great day!

  11. Great likes. They make a britta water dispenser that holds over a gallon of water. Bobbin isn't too susceptible to loud sounds but driving home on the 4th of July there was a big firework show right by the freeway and that one did make her bark and growl. Your coloring pages are always gorgeous, and your cabana quilt is fabulous.

  12. Your colorings are always so pretty and your cabana quilt looks amazing! You tellem' Milo, the fireworks are still going off here every night. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  13. I will need to watch Beacham House. I am not familiar with it. My husband has started watching Outlander, finally, even though I tried to get him to watch it years ago. Thanks for linking up.

  14. Love the colors of your shells. Your quilt is very cute! I never knew a bird would take that long to build a nest. I love the glass containers with the snap-on lids like that. Pretty, pretty towels.

  15. I’ve just popped by from my friend A Stitch in Time blog
    Your colouring and quilt are lovely.
    We had blue tits in the bird box this year and it’s nice to know they have now all flown off safely into the world.
    Take care and hi from Lancashire in the UK

  16. Beecham House was a fabulous series! I wish they'd do another season but read that production costs were outrageous. Such a beautifully filmed series with wonderful characters and a compelling story. Love your cabana and wave quilt. So cute.

  17. That bird worked so hard in such a short amount of time - wow!
    I love that song - Still Haven't Found What I'm Lookin' For. Some times life feels like that, but for me, I think I have mostly found it.
    I am trying to drink more water too. Someone suggested it really helps with prevention of Dimentia. I need that.

  18. What a lovely week you’ve had filled with smiles.
    Annie x

  19. wow- great colors in your watercolors and quilts! and I'll be trying your soup plus a Naan recipe I found! Cheers!

  20. Those cabanas are adorable!! Nice Sam's Club finds, LeeAnna. We need some new towels, but don't have a membership.

  21. Hi LeeAnna! I wondered who shared the Faye/Artifacts book with us - thank you for that! I just loved the first book and have just started Relics. Great idea using the Britta filter for water - I need to pull our filter bottles out again and start using them. I always drink a lot of water and usually just tap water. At work, we have bottle fillers so I fill my reusable cup all the time. We picked up the same set of reusable containers at Sam's! Those coconut/white chocolate chip cookies were a big hit with our littles - thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll definitely be making another batch. I thought about Milo and all the booming we had around our house. I hate it myself - I can only imagine how bad it is for my favorite 4-legged friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  22. I'm really late visiting, so I will just say I enjoyed reading all your likes. I love Masterpiece and they have a new Masterpiece Mystery on Sunday. Here from Annie's and yes I am very late visiting.