Sunday, December 15, 2019

snowy sundays and Sunday stories

Sunday Stories
the  challenge words are from sundayswhirligig  and it's not easy to use them all in a little story but here goes!

bleak, stable, hay, lamb, frosty, worship, bliss, part, moan, milk, give, shepherd

                                       A different kind of worship

He planned his words to her, the prettiest girl in the whole county. 

her name is pretty... Ashley... ashley.... Ahhhhh-shley....

He bought her a necklace with her name on it to give her for a Christmas gift. 

He planned the whole event, it would happen out in the barn while sitting on the hay bale. He had milk to go with the cookies. He spent a long time getting the part on his hair just right, picking the right jeans and shoes and stuff to make her think he was cute. 

Oh no! it was frosty out here, she might get cold...  but it was the only way to get away from his little brother. He moaned thinking of how hard he planned this to make sure his un-stable brother would be too busy to interfere.

His dog, a big german shepherd was looking at him funny, "what's up buddy?" he asked the dog.  Buddy seemed to answer, "you're crazy brother, she's hot and you're bleak and this is messed up" 

Awe, he's right thought Jimmy... she's almost 2" taller than I am, and in advanced math, and her parents drove a nice car not a run down truck like his did. 

He looked at the sad little hay bale with it's red placemat and snacks. He looked at the barn and his shoes, and the dog and thought, I better call and cancel it before she walks over. He felt something tickle his ear and brushed away a fly. 

Buddy stood up and wagged his tail as Jimmy bent to pick up the cookie plate, then heard

"Hi handsome" 

he turned slowly, smiling blissfully and said, "hi lambie... " 

enjoy this new "twist" on a Christmas song...

and this modern version of let it snow

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  1. Love your story. Well done! I'm listening to Si's songs via YouTube and I've been a fan of Human Nature since they started. Happy Sunday!

  2. What a challenge and your story was great! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Great story. And thanks for the music videos.