Thursday, December 5, 2019

I Like Thursday #170

winter in the 'hood

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Let's start!
1.washing your reading glasses.... I like to see and need reading glasses stashed all over the house now, just in case someone writes with a tiny script. I forget to wash them, and by the time I do, it's simply amazing how wonderfully you can see when the world isn't smudged. cuddle duds sleeping pants. I found a pair of waffle weave thermal cuddle duds at Khols during the sales, and thought I'd try them for sleep pants. They are so soft, and perfect size, and the legs don't creep up during tossing and turning. Where have you been all my life?

3.I Like ambrosia...after Thanksgiving I had some ruby grapefruit left, so we got more oranges, and I made the special fruit salad for every day. Sections of navels, and grapefruit, mixed with coconut, banana slices and cherries with juice. Simple and so good on hand.

I am sick to death of the hard pack ice caused by not plowing our streets. There's no reason not to provide safe streets to citizens here. How to turn this into a like? can't sorry, it balances the good things I guess.
aren't they magnificent?

4. I liked the clysdesdale horses in our neighborhood last Sunday. A kids Christmas festival included pin the carrot nose on the snowman, a candy cane hunt, and carriage rides. Milo did not find the big horses amusing, but was glad when his friend Murphy showed up ready to do battle alongside him.
I'll take the one on the left
5.I love the orange blossom beeswax cake I use on my heels each night. It's so convenient, and works when many things don't. Ordered it from Amazon.

6.hand sewing at night... making hexie rug mugs with Christmas fabric.

7.getting Christmas cards even if they are from the Governor  or insurance agent.

8.turning on the Christmas tree lights each night

9. TED talks, like this one on what it means to be happy by Dan Gilbert

10. good books to read in bed at night, the glow of a book light making it a cozy way to turn off the day's thoughts.

11. sun... we didn't see sun for over a week here in Aurora, in sunny colorado. It's back finally.

12.  Jacquie Lawson advent calendar... it makes waking up every day to a new pretty video, a new activity like cookie decorating, package wrapping, decorating a tree, and a hunt for a sheep, the best part of Christmas season for me.

peaceful musicians....

Milo's Moments
Here I am singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!
 Hi Y'all... I liked the festival too, because I like kids (they drop food a lot) and the horses were so big!
don't worry, I chased them off with my barking! I was glad to have back up though, no one is as good at that as Murphy
Oh and this week, I noticed a new ring toy on the dining room table... must be for me since SOMEBODY chewed up my old ones and they disappeared from the face of the earth. Wonder if Mama knows where they went?

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  1. oh I would love such sleeping pants ... mine are up to the knees every morning , totally uncomfy LOL

  2. Good Morning LeeAnna! WOWEE - those horses. OMG. I would love to see them up close like that. Such beautiful and powerful beings. How thrilling! Your ambrosia salad sounds wonderfully refreshing - yum. And ice on the street - umm, NO. No, no, H NO. What are your tax dollars spent on? Plowing, sanding, salting - all should be expected in any area that gets crazy amounts of snow like you do. Time to call the town/village/city offices Public Works and ask. And keep asking. And then go to a meeting and ask during a public speaking time because that's nuts. Amen to seeing the SUN! We have been without it forever, it seems. It peeked out yesterday - it felt so good on my back and head while sitting at my desk at work. Ummm. Happy day to you and Milo. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I also love hand sewing in the evening while watching
    "The Crown" my new favorite show....Will definitely look up that hand stuff--so dry here....hugs, Julierose

  4. I fight my p.j's every night-4 different pairs and keep forgetting to put elastic in the bottom. UGH. I tried using knee socks to tuck them in but my feet got hot. Beeswax cake sounds smart. My insurance agent is always first with a holiday card. LOL.

  5. I'm glad Milo kept you safe from the horses! And I'm so sorry about the ice. That's awful- I hate having to go out when it's icy- we get a lot of that out here and it feels very dangerous both for walking and driving! That music is so beautiful and peaceful!

  6. #2,3,7 and 8 are favourites of mine too. Often businesses have the best Christmas cards. I am going to check out those cuddle duds, never heard of them. And note to self to make Ambrosia salad, a favourite here too.

  7. The horses are just beautiful and mom also loves the Christmas lights on at night. It's so festive and pretty! Your ambrosia sounds so yummy!

  8. I feel your pain about plowing, and salting around here. The state subcontracted to a company from Spain. Shudder. Oh they are in charge of the state roads, the country road which is mine was awesome. I agree I miss the sun, we have just be cold and cloudy for days. I agree, hand sewing in the evening, a good book in bed to slow the brain.

  9. That would be something to see those Clydesdales in your neighborhood! I can imagine those big creatures would be a bit intimidating to Milo though. Clean glasses are a small thing that make a surprising difference in life, aren't they?! :)

  10. Looks like the lack of snow removal is universal across the metro area. People need to stop relying on sunshine as the way to get 'rid' of snow. Especially when there's a foot of it!

  11. I've never heard of Cuddle Duds and now I've read about them twice in one week. I'll have to check it out.

  12. I am a big fan of Ted Talks. Such a wonderful format to educate all of us. I love cozy sleep pants and reading at night. *sigh* Helps me turn off my world. Thanks for linking up.

  13. Haa, Milo. Milo and Murphy sounds like a great movie or at least one of those Christmas specials. Oliver was singing at Memory Care Karaoke today. I think he and Milo would be pals if they met. I love getting Christmas cards too but am pretty sporadic about sending them. Yeah, thank God for Amazon, it's saved more than one Christmas.

  14. Never liked Pjs, I always woke up with the entire mess around my waist or neck; and forget nighties! I tried long underwear but it's too warm, and finally discovered leggings--no feet, but they stay put all night, and don't bunch up. Just enough warmth to put me right out...

    Love the horses, and the Piano Guys. nice post...

  15. I've heard a couple of other bloggers mention the J. Lawson calendar! It must really be special. I love getting the cards on special occasions from friends. Love those horses and twinkle lights on in the evenings! Enjoy your evening my friend! Lots of holiday hugs!

  16. The horses look so big! I would love to see them! It's so hard to find something comfy to sleep. I just bought my mother the thickest and softest pajama pants for Christmas. I hope they work for her! So glad to see Milo having fun!

  17. Oh, I love the horses, too! A candy cane hunt? Fun! I NEED to get our lights up, soon. Lucky dog, Milo to have new chew toys!

  18. Oooh, Clydesdales! They're so handsome. I would love to have boots that look like their legs. Cheers, LeeAnna!

  19. admittedly come to see your dog

  20. I like your list of likes!!! The Clydesdale are amazing,and thanks for sharing the beautiful music. That is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and I love how the Piano Guys perform it! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Hugs, H

  21. Great likes! I have a problem with too many grey days. Wonderful to have the clydesdales in your area! Enjoy your knew jammies!!! Have a great day!

  22. Turning on the Christmas Tree lights each night - one of my simple pleasures too! Seeing the Clydesdales must have been awesome!

  23. Great post again LeeAnna. Funny not funny that my husband was just out west in Alberta where their streets are snowy and icy from first snow pretty much, which is October until the melt starts which is late March. HE said he'd forgotten how different driving there is in winter. They only plough the side streets once a winter so the ruts are horrific! Here they are so proactive: barely a shift and out comes the salt and ploughs (hilarious because even with a centimetre they're out in full force.) Oh, I love those Clydesdales. My uncle had Percherons, also gorgeous heavy horses.

  24. Hello, the horses are big and beautiful. I can see why Milo was worried with the horses nearby. I enjoyed reading your list of likes, I love kindle reader and books. Fun times and great collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  25. They really should do something about the roads. Thanks for linking up with Thursday 13. Sorry I'm so late visiting - I've been sick.

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